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    Win98 Installation failed


    by jabbar ·

    I have formated my HDD and re-install Win98 SE, but when I reboot, I saw a black screnn, with safe mode. I restart my computer, and windows failed. What can I do???

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      First off

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to Win98 Installation failed

      This is actually the wrong forum for asking questions. You’d be better off posting to the Technical Q&A section in the future.


      You say a blank screen with safe mode?! Is it a blank screen or is it Windows in Safe Mode?

      You may need to install your graphics card (if a separate PCI card).

      If you can boot into SAFE mode, open the control panel (START>SETTINGS>CONTROL PANEL) and see if you have any yellow exclamation points beside your hardware configurations. This indicates a conflict or improperly installed device, i.e. Graphics card with no drivers, sound card with no drivers etc.

      If you can post back with more details, you will probaly get farther.

      REMEMBER THOUGH: The Technical Q&A section will get you more responses faster.

      Good luck,

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