windows 2000

By kwamensiah1 ·
can someone help me with my windows 2000 that keeps saying there is a disk error at start up.any idea of getting windows 98 installation disk.

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Two questions ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to windows 2000

Which one do you want an answer for?

More info needed:

What make and model of computer?
What is the exact error message?

Why do you want a Windows 98 disc if you've got an installation of W2K ???

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Windows 2000

by benw In reply to windows 2000

What is the exact error you are getting? and at what stage of boot up are you receiving the error?

What is the purpose of the windows 98 install disk?

Kind regards,

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What does Windows 2000 have to do with Windows 98 install disk?

by ManiacMan In reply to windows 2000

I too have no clue as to what the OP is talking about.

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Ok, Ok

by The Scummy One In reply to windows 2000

You likely have a boot disk in a drive. Remove any cd/dvd/floppy disks from all drives, reboot. Did it work?

If no, then it appears your Win2k install may be bad, or your HDD is going out. In this case, get your data off of your drive. I suggest putting it in a USB caddy to try to recover data.

As for the 98 disk, this is really odd. Win98 will not read the disk for a 2k install unless you formatted with FAT instead of NTFS (default).

If the 98 disk is for another reason, like a different question, you should have stated that. But for a Win 98 disk, try ebay. Last time I looked they were like $50 (several years ago).

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