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Windows 2000 ???

By LynnG1201 ·
I just had to buy a laptop with Windows 2000. I am on a Novell network. I get my Novell pop up sign on bix then another sign on box comes up with "admin" in the username. I have to change it to administrator and then type in the password and then I can get on. How can I get this second screen to disappear.

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by LordInfidel In reply to Windows 2000 ???

As long as the system is NOT joined to an NT domain.

Go to Start/Settings/Control Panel/Users and Passwords/Advanced Tab

From there you can disable the logon and win2k will use the admin account to automatically log in.

**You will lose ALL security with this option!

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by LynnG1201 In reply to Answer

thanks for all your help

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by meshyslanky In reply to Windows 2000 ???

No one cares...i am sorry but its the truth. Do you see the rest of the discussions taken place right now? Why dont you go and chime into one of those and then your question will get noticed.

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Look, what is your Deal!

by LordInfidel In reply to Hey...

Look meshy, what the **** is your deal?

You claim that you want people to respect you and then you spew off with crap like that!

I for one am more than happy to help this person. They at least have a legitimate question.

My patience with you is running very thin. I strongly urge you to get out of the Republic. You obviously have no interests in IT!

You cried when I blasted you before?, well now you stepped on one of my answers to someone who was asking for help.

You don't belong here. We don't want you here anymore. You have no respect for IT.

And I hope you e-mail me so I can grab your IP and blast your system out of the water so you can't bother us anymore.

You picked the wrong group of people to mess around with. Damn your dumb.

Don't meddle in the affairs of sysadmins, for they are subtle and quick to anger.

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let me help you mate

by cul8rm8e In reply to Look, what is your Deal!

so i take it this aint the first time this idiot has added his penny`s worth,this really gets to me when i see this kind of thing from complete slapheads,he obviously has no reason for being here so i think its time he learnt that the hard way,im usually a nice guy but what the ****,i dont mind helping ppl in any way possible so,need i say more! adios amigo.

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Another answer

by JimBb In reply to Windows 2000 ???

I do care. I'm just not here all the time.

If you click the "advanced" button on your Novell-login box, you'll see a "NT/2000" tab. In there you can put the default NT login - "Administrator" in your case. The Novell login will use that name, and try to log in with the same password as your Novell-login. If there is a difference, then you're prompted for the password. In other words, the easiest solution is to synchronise both, and there is a checkbox to do so, if you like. It does mean however that everyone who knows your "admin" password then automatically is "administrator" on that PC.


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by LynnG1201 In reply to Another answer

thanks so much for your help. I'll try it

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