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Windows 2000 Rebooting on its own

By jeffbetsch ·
I need to find an answer to this problem and Windows Knowledge Base stinks. I have Windows 2000 professional w/SP2. The System reboots on its own, does not matter whether I am creating a spreadsheet/database or just letting the screensaver run. There is no rhyme or reason to when it reboots. My guess is that it is a hardware issue. I have P4 2G CPU, 2 512Mb Mem, Floppy, CD-R/RW, DVD on a 250w power supply. I took the memory back to the store I purchased it from and had them perform tests on it.They came back fine. Does anyone have an idea of what I can check. There is no consistency of when the PC reboots, does not happen at certain time of day, not during specific programs or tasks. HELP!!!!!!!!

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Blue Screen of Death

by timwalsh In reply to Windows 2000 Rebooting on ...

My guess is that your system still has the default setting to automatically restart upon system failure.

Go to Control Panel | System | Advanced tab | Startup and Recovery settings | System Failure section. Uncheck the box next to "Automaticallyrestart."

I suspect you will start seeing a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) instead of the system rebooting. When you get one, using such information as a STOP error number, Error message text (i.e. IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, or whatever), and references to any files, you have a better chance of troubleshooting your problem with MS KnowledgeBase. Or you can pass that info to us to help troubleshoot.

Also look at the logs in Event Viewer (Control Panel | Administrative Tools) for some hints as to what is causing problems.

Without this type of information, all we can do is shoot in the dark about any of the myriad of possible causes.

What we can say, is that if you have added any new hardware recently, the device driver for that hardware is the most likely cause of problems.

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Two Idea's

by leehellcat In reply to Windows 2000 Rebooting on ...

Off the top of my head I would blame it on one of two things. Your Power supply is a bit small for a P4 Processor at 250w, you should consider upgrading it to a 350w power supply.
The other cause of random reboots, is yuor processor getting too hot. Next time it reboots, go into the Bios on start up and see what the temperature reads. If it is between 55-65 degrees celcius then it is too hot, and you need to get extra cooling in the case.

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by mrafrohead In reply to Two Idea's

What type of hardware do you have in that machine??? IE... mobo, vid card, sound card. What type of chipset is on that motherboard???

I would agree with the Power Supply thing hands down. CDRW with a P4@2G - you DEFINATELY need to upgrade that puppy to at LEAST a 300W HIGH QUALITY ps. The more the better. Even if it's not the problem now, I would still do it anyway to avoid further problems down the road should you add any further hardware.

After that, I think I would check your drivers. Reminds me of a problem I had before with conflicting mobo/vidcard drivers.

Something to think about. Post your hardware info please for further help.


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I agree with

by zlitocook In reply to Windows 2000 Rebooting on ...

leehellcat but some power supplies will cause a reboot because of internal problems. It may work fine with general use but with several programs and hardware in use it will be too much for it and it will reset it self. Switching power supplies can be defective and not show it untill you put to much drag on them. Also do you ddr ram? It always runs hot, super cool your computer, it can not be to cold.

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I think it's the power supply

by darrellblackhawk In reply to Windows 2000 Rebooting on ...

That's a pretty small power supply for the hard ware listed. I'd go with a 350-450W and lots of cooling for the CPU.

It's interesting that you mentioned it doesn't happen at a certain time of the day. What time is that?

Does it truly not occur when runnng particular programs? Even during that - particular time of day - referenced above?

Do you have a UPS? If not, you should.

Are you in an area where there is a fair amount of power tool use and/or industrial equipment? (Another reason for a UPS.) It's not if, it's when - when it comes to power issues.

Eighty percent of most computer problems are related to power, five to ten percent to connectors, and the rest - software. Although with today's software those metrics may haveto be reversed :-) (Oh ya, don't forget humans)


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Totally Forgot about that setting

by jeffbetsch In reply to Windows 2000 Rebooting on ...

I totally forgot about that setting and will check it when I get back to that PC's Location. My gut feeling (and if you saw that gut, you'd listen too) is that the P.S. is the issue.

Thanks everyone for the help on this matter


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win 2000 rebooting on its own

by guy.hilbert In reply to Windows 2000 Rebooting on ...

We had two examples :
the 1st resulted from the power supply witch provided micro cuts.
The 2nd one was due to the main board itself.

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by mcarlso1 In reply to Windows 2000 Rebooting on ...

I would suggest changing out your Power Supply, take a look a power supply's fan to see if it is working and or slow (week).

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