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By ohslab ·
I am still running under Windows 98. What makes Windows Me and others that much better?

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by TheGodfather In reply to Windows

I have 2 PC's at home, 1 with Win 98, and 1 Win ME. I have nothing but trouble with ME, and 98 has always been perfect. There are no major differences between the two, but I would rate Windows 98 over ME anytime.
Only use Windows 2000, for an office envoirnoment, (no use for home users).
I suppose it boils down to personal preference, and personaly, I am waiting for Windows XP to come out. It is perfect for home and Office envoirnoments. And from what I have seen it's gonna be big.....
Hopethis helps,

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XP and Linux

by ohslab In reply to 98

Ive heard about windows XP and i saw a -would you say- big vehicle this weekend that had windows XP on all sides of it and it was pulling a trailor like thing behind it. What are some good qualities of XP that you have heard about?

What is Linux?

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What I have experienced with XP

by James R Linn In reply to XP and Linux

Has been a faster, much more stable OS.

My previous OS at home was 98(NT, now 2000 at work), but I have used every MS OS back to DOS 2.0, as well as almost every Apple OS, OS/2, HP-UX, Sun OS. I have played with Linux,which is a PC based Open Source UNIX, but not enough to form a solid opinion.

I would be happy to have XP at both work and home. Provided you have the hardware to support it(lots of RAM), its an attractive OS, the only one worth the upgrade price from MS in some time, in myhumble opinion.

You can read other threads about the activation feature.


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by TheGodfather In reply to What I have experienced w ...

Thanks for the support with my theory on XP being future top dog for home and office. And whoever posted out the reply about did I see a big truck with XP on it, I did say that was only my preference. And what on earth were you going on about in your reply ????????????????????????????

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by ohslab In reply to Thankyou

No i saw a rv type vehicle while in oregon this weekend that had Windows XP plastered on all sides of it, I have no clue what it was for.

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I see

by TheGodfather In reply to truck

Now I understand, sorry if I seemed a little of hand with my last message, I thought it was someone from the outside butting in on my reply to you. How are you getting on with your decision?
And please refer to my latest new discussion.

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My answer

by TheGodfather In reply to I see

To give a final basic answer here goes:
Windows M.E. was introduced for home users because it was simple to use and also safe.
Windows 2000, was introduced for office/corporate use as it has plenty of administration and added security settings which is only relevant to an Administrator.
Windows XP, shall be introduced for both home and Office/corporate use. I supose that with the vast amount of PC's sold over the last few years, there is a lot more expieriance gained from home users and Microsoft wanted to introduce 1 master windows interface. As far as I can gather Windows M.E. was thrown together, and has since had plenty of errors, but XP is supposed to be the best of them all, because it is all windows rolled into 1. Hope this helps and let me know the outcome.

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by jonathan In reply to Windows

ME basically is win 98 with all the updates and a lot more drivers, rather than going on to the microsoft site and downloading, check your memory as it requires a minimum of 64mb to run smoothly. if you're thinking about changing , make sure you format your hardrive before you install as ME sometimes uses the old 98 drivers for applications i;ve found it to be a lot more stable.but its personal preference, try it if you don't like it put 98 back in

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Windows 98 / ME

by archon285 In reply to Windows

Windows ME is really an update of 98, and contains some extra, later drivers for e.g. sound cards. It seems to me more reliable, with an excellent recovery system and is excellent for home / small business use.

Migrating to Windows 2000 (the successor to NT) is a major step, and has all sorts of pitfalls, mainly due to the lack of free drivers for hardware. I tried it, and went back to ME.

For the price of the upgrade, I think ME is worth getting. I have had glitches, but never a crash requiring a reload, and this is on 2 machines running 24 hrs a day for 9 months.

JFF (And I don't work for Microsoft! )

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