Windows boots automatically into Safe Mode, how do I change it?

By DownRightTired ·
I have a computer in a remote office that is set to power up after a power failure (which is common in that area). We have a DB program running that we need to keep online so it can stay in sync.

The problem is whenever the power goes out, the PC is coming back up in Safe Mode. Where can I go to set it so Windows wont boot up automatically in Safe Mode?

The PC will actually boot into windows (UnSafe Mode :) when the user resets it again, so I dont think its a driver problem.

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How is the boot.ini set up?

by cmiller5400 In reply to Windows boots automatical ...

Depending on the configuration it could be defaulting to safe mode. Can you post it for us?

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by DownRightTired In reply to How is the boot.ini set u ...

This is what I was thinking. Unfortunately I just found out the switch that the PC's on also went out. Probably also due to the power problems. So I cant sign on remotely, and dont have anyone there I can really have check it.

Will update once they get the switch swapped out...

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Battery Backup

by willcomp In reply to Windows boots automatical ...

If you don't have a UPS (battery backup) on that PC, you need one.

From your description, PC is just powering off when power drops out and XP is not exiting gracefully. If so, restarting in safe mode is common.

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