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Windows Genuine Advantage

By j2cunningham ·
With all the recent news about how Microsoft is going to try and slow software pirates with the new Windows Genuine Advantage, it got me thinking about what Microsoft tracks about a person when you activate and register your software. Does anyone know if registration information is tied to what product key a person uses when they register? Does that key get stored in DB tied to that persons name? I mean, if someone unknowingly buys pirated software and then registers it, why doesn't microsoft simply call them up and say that based on the product key you entered, we know you are using pirated software? I guess that begs the question, are product keys in anyway tracked themselves, I mean when multiple keys are passed out to corporations via the VLA, do those keys get tracked to a specific corporation? If yes, couldn't pirated keys simply be tracked down?

Sorry for the rambling, I am just curious why tracking down who uses pirated software and product keys is so difficult.


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by Jaqui In reply to Windows Genuine Advantage

isn't the best way to use software is when you get shrinkwrapped box with it in it, directly from comany's retail outlet?
after all if it ain't shrinkwrapped still it's pirated.

any why on earth would you buy something illegally then expect to register it?

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by j2cunningham In reply to well

I understand your point, I am just saying that a lot of people are not as savvy as you and may think that they are buying a "real" version. When they get home and install it, they may register it too. At that point, I would think Microsoft could track them down and let them know that they bought a pirated version.


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They can and gave nailed

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to curious

dubious retailers who've sold machines/software with pirated copies of windows. Even if they were allowed to store personal information against the purchase. How do you prove it.
Re-installs, transfer to a new machine. Purchased then registered later. Name changes. Trying to attempt a secure system would cost them more than the pirates do, and it would never be foolproof anyway.

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