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Windows keep restarting

By jlojlo ·
Dear all:
I'm a new computer user wishing to find out why my computer keeps restarting instead of shuting down. I'm sure I did all the shut down steps properly. Windows was operating fine b4 but I'm not sure why I can't shut it down now (Maybe I've accidentally deleted some program?). I've been leaving my computer on for almost a month already and am worried that this would affect the machine's life. May someone help me resolve this issue? What should I do? Would someone please list the steps I should take?

Thanks in advance!! Greatly Appreciated!

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by dokn221 In reply to Windows keep restarting

restart ur pc
and hir del or f2 or f1
and hit f10 for default setting
and start windwos if prob contniue
go to pc setup ((hit del or f1..))
got ((power mangement))
and there disable power on by modem or lan
and diable all power on by...
u can do it
try it

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Certain assumptions

by GuruOfDos In reply to Windows keep restarting

I'll assume you're running 9x, or ME

Wneh you click 'Shut Down' a greyed box appears with

What do you want the computer to do?

and 4 option buttons

Stand By
Shut Down
Restart in MS DOS Mode

Make sure you have Shut Down selected, NOT any of the others!

Failing that, goto the microsoft web site where you will find a whole section on diagnosing shut-down problems

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A shot in the dark but...

by TomSal In reply to Certain assumptions

..still worth a try would be to make sure you have the latest updates from

There was a problem back in the earlier days with Win98 shutting down. So much so that MS released a patch called the "Windows 98 Shutdwon Patch". If you have ME or even a late build of W98 (which is very likely being that its 2003) you shouldn't run into this --- the shutdown fix was incorporated into the later versions of 98 and ME.


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Thank You!

by jlojlo In reply to Windows keep restarting

Thank you very much for everyone's instructions. I certainly will try tonight. BTW, I'm using WinXP Home, the "shutdown" solutions work the same right?

Much Appreciated!

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