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Windows ME

By gary.dixon ·
When money replaces quality in selling a system program, how can such abuse be stopped?
Most items on the market, if poor in quality, can be returned with a complete retail refund.
What about Windows ME?
No new drivers, just a "hand picked" selection of hardware and software from selected companies.
This reminds me of Windows 9X with its hardware/software incapatibility and internet problems experienced by many of its buyers (renters).
High retail prices, low quality, always rented andnot government regulated.
What is your opinion?
Can government regulations be applied to PC system programs?
(Other manufactures are bound by regulations.)

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M$ have being doing it for a long time

by aborquez In reply to Windows ME

Even worse, miriads of people had paid to do beta testing for M$ since W95 for W9x and NT servers products, ridicule but true. It's the only company in the world that demands payment for fixing it's own failures. M$ have so such power and propagandato dilute any complain, that I think they can delay for years any sort of government regulation. So there is no solution, perhaps the only way is to punish M$, not using (buying) their products, but I think it's not gonna happen.

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"Warning: Shark infested waters"!

by Thmiuatga In reply to Windows ME

I can't believe that you would suggest that the Government get involved and regulate PC's and the assorted software. Are you out of your mind? it is a proven fact and evidence clearly exists showing that Government does absolutely NOTHING well.

A so-called improved operating system, program or application is bound to have bugs in it. Win 98 is riteously tolerable though it's built on top of Dos as is 95 and ME. NT is built from scratch so it does not suffer the instability. Now, if you applied government regulations to PC systems and programs (as if those regulations were even followed in the past 8 years) absolutely nothing would work right and you would have more problems with absolutely no hope of a solution. Forget about efficiency and freedom of any buisness at any level in any sector of our society that has to use computers. does the phrase "Omnipotent Control" light the bulb in your head? I'm sure you understand what I'm saying. If you need a final example I leave you with one word that describes the accusation pinned presently on Microsoft.....MONOPOLY!

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