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Windows ME, AOL, AMD yes im having probs

By ayankdownunder ·
Hey guys..I am a netware admin for a small business by day and I build computers on the side as Im still wet behind the ears in the real world of IT and I need a bit of extra income on the side. Anyway.. I am having something wierd happening to a computer that I just built. Specs...Windows ME(yuck) Duron 750 256 mb Ram la da da..anyway.
I burnt this computer in for 24 hours..ran all the normal test, and everything was fine. I hate ME but my customers find the annoying can I help you wizzards great. The computer was delivered on staurday and I showed the customer all the bells and whitles..burnt a cd to there astonishment and installed AOHELL 6.0 on there machine. THere it was the perfect easy to use internet machine for the below average end user. I get home and I get a call saying the mouse is not moving and the ctl alt del thing doesent work. Well I was there again today...I changed the power supply to a certified 300watt as someone reccomended that I do and I thought all was well.As I went to leave boom it locks up again. I went to AOLs chat room and someone refered me to the ME hompage at Microsoft. I couldnt believe it..Microsoft actually admitted that they made a mistake. The symtoms decribed were"computer hangs after 10-15mins of use if AOL is installed. Something about software modems etc. I downloaded the dosent work..big surprise. I then thought...bad chip...nope I ran the burnin test and full steam for 15mins and it dosent lock up yet my email tonightincluded a message that .."it still locks up"from the customer
Ive never had problems with AMD but Microsoft..well...
ANYWAY HELP!!!!!!!!!!
GO back to WIN 98/95
Oh I know RED HAT 6.2 I know it works...

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