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Windows ME & Linux Partitions

By Gayetri K ·
Hie ,

Could someone help me out with this please?

I recently purchased a new PC with Windows ME installed . I have a 30 GB Hard Disk , all allocated to a single

The main reason I purchased the PC was to install Personal Oracle 8i , but I'm now lost . Appearently , Oracle 8i does not recognize Windows ME as a standard OS and attempted installations terminate unsuccessfully.

I am now trying to create a partition so as to be able to install Linux and Personal Oracle 8i for Linux on a seperate drive without touching Windows ME , but do not know how to go about this .

Is it possible to retain both OS on the PC instead of un-installing Windows ME and installing Windows 95/98/NT & Personal Oracle running on these platforms ?

How do I create a partition for Linux without disturbing Windows ME ??

Thanx for your time ,

Gayetri K

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might help..

by ARG CIO In reply to Windows ME & Linux Partit ...

install a second hard drive.. add a boot manager, and go from there.. otherwise I am not sure, as I have see, Linux uses the whole drive, correct me if I'm wrong.

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Advisal from a Dual-Boot OS user

by Thmiuatga In reply to might help..

It is possible to install Linux on the same drive as windows but windows will not have the space to grow and neither will linux. This setup slows your system down,Windows can't read the Linux partitions and if windows has to be reinstalled the linux partitions are seen as unallocated space plus you lose the linux boot data. I am running Windows 98SE and Linux-Mandrake 7.0 separately on two 10GB drives. I use Boot Magic which is part of the Partition Magic package by Powerquest. Boot Magic allows you to load any OS at system startup. If you install Linux on a separate drive use the whole drive. You'll have more room for applications and believe me, the packages in Linux 7.0 are over a thousand.
Use the whole drive space and you won,t have any crazy conflicts or data snafu's.
The final choice is yours.

Good Luck.

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Not perfect but not bad either.

by lynxster In reply to Advisal from a Dual-Boot ...

I successfully built Redhat 7.0 on the same hard disk as Windows ME. No real problems. I had some good doc (a Windows ME manual for fdisk and partitioning helps)... For Redhat, only the "server" install formats the entire hard disk, but for workstation, etc... no real problems. There was a limitation with where RH's /boot directory existed (cylinder boundary), but that was documented in a RH book). Also they provided a utility to reduce your WinME partition. Since my ME system was new, I was able to reduce the ME partition from 58 GB to 12 GB... again no real problems. Good luck!

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They can live together

by Mr.B_2 In reply to Not perfect but not bad e ...

In my main system, I have two hard drives, one of which contains Win 98, two Linux partitions, and an installation of OpenBSD, all included in the LILO boot manger. My secondary drive provides additional space for both Linux and Win. With some hard drive space and some effort, it can be done.

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