windows product activation error

By FordTrucker97 ·
a friend of mine updated XP home and restarted with a dvd in the drive an now there is a WPA error 0x80070e6. I thought about editing the Key through the reg but i can't login at all even in safe mode under admin. she doesnt have the OS cd either. anyone have any ideas? let me know if you need anymore info

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Are you certain of that error code?

by seanferd In reply to windows product activatio ...

Is it missing a digit?

The DVD has been removed from the drive, yes?
What happens when login fails?
Have you tried disconnecting the DVD drive?

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yea i missed one

by FordTrucker97 In reply to Are you certain of that e ...

the code is 0x800703e6.
on startup the login music starts but stays at the welcome screen with a box that says problem with windows checking the license. if you click ok it logs you out to the welcome screen.
and yes the cd was taken out. do you think unplug and replug the HDD and dvd drive would help at all?

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I assume this was Vista?

by Dumphrey In reply to yea i missed one

You may need to call either MS or the computer vendor to get the OS "unlocked." While Vista should just go into reduced function mode, it it can not validate the license, its not uncommon for it to shut down, which it sounds like you are seeing.

The error code is a memory error usually cased by a bad or out of date msxml install. But since you can not get to the OS to fix that...

In you are at the point of reinstalling, does the computer have a restore partition you can boot from? Many computers come this way instead of having a OS cd included.

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this is

by FordTrucker97 In reply to I assume this was Vista?

this is XP home. its a compaq laptop. i found the recovery partition so i'm running that right now. let's hope that works. thanks for your help

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