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    Windows unexpectedly quiting duringgames


    by ndog112 ·

    When i am play games things that use the whole screen i will quit and return to the desktop. I have renstalled windows and the games, but it keeps on doing this. I have also ended task on everything but Explorer, but it still quits unexpectedly. It happens to all of my games not just one. Can u please help me.

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      Re: Windows unexpectedly quiting…

      by rhythm12 ·

      In reply to Windows unexpectedly quiting duringgames

      You should check that your directx is uptodate, directx 8 has recently been released and you should confirm also that your video and sound drivers are uptodate as well. More than likely this is a glitch with your video card driver or the video carditself. Also beware that some of the drivers to enhance 3d under specific games perform poorly for other games.


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      RE: Windows quits during games

      by thmiuatga ·

      In reply to Windows unexpectedly quiting duringgames

      Yo Dog;
      check your hardware acceleration settings in the performance tab. set it to full and restart the system. This should solve the problem.
      good luck and happy gaming!

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      RE: Windows unexpectedly quiting…

      by w-bryant ·

      In reply to Windows unexpectedly quiting duringgames

      Check your screen resolution and colourdepths.
      Make sure you have correct and up-to-date drivers installed.
      DirectX 8 is available from microsoft, gettit

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