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Windows versus Mac.

By jardinier ·
I would like to start a general discussion (war) on the various pluses and minuses people have found in comparing the two operating systems. While my experience suggests that the newest Macs, and especially OS X, now surpass Windows, there was a long period (about a decade) when the innumerable different models and OSs of Mac were absolutely user-unfriendly compared to Windows systems covering the same period (say Windows 3.1 to Window 98 SE). Over to you ....

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Windows vs Linux

by djent In reply to Windows versus Mac.

MAC is still a propriarty hardware platform and OSX is an OS distribution. Although OSX has nice reviews the closed hardware platform is a disadvantage. The alternative of course are the multitude of open source linux distributions for the Intel platform. It really goes back to what applications you need and what OS they support, this often removes personal preferences from the equation.

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Cute Apples vs. functional PCs

by TheChas In reply to Windows versus Mac.

Apple has found itself a niche in providing 'cute' limited function computers to users who are intimidated by a standard PC.
Or, who want something 'different'.

Now, I admit that there are applications, especially in graphics arts where the MAC (not the IMac) and it's software are leaps and bounds ahead of the PC.

For broad range functionality, you just can't beat the Intel / IBM platform PC.
More hardware.
More software.
Lower prices. (from volume)

I look at the Apple vs. Windows issue as the same as Beta-max vs. VHS.
Beta had superior image quality.
VHS locked in the content and concentrated on low cost high volume equipment.

The battle didn't go to the better format, the battle went to the best planning and marketing.
If Sony had been more open with hardware licensing, we might be using Beta instead of VHS today.

Same for Apple. By controlling the hardware manufacturing so tightly, Apple has actually prevented their technology from having a chance to capturethe mass market.


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I regret I missed this discussion

by srjohnson In reply to Cute Apples vs. functiona ...

I would call functionality the ability to do my regular
tasks (basic word processing, spreadsheets, web
browsing, email, telnet, ssh) without having to reboot
my computer a couple of times a day or reinstall apps
or even the OS every few months. Something I get only
with my non- MS Windows based computers; Mac OS
I like supporting quality products, I don't eat McDonald's
hamburgers... maybe I should try using Beta-Max, too...

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by djent In reply to I regret I missed this di ...

These discussions often become religous quests, minds are not changed, at best broadened.

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User Unfriendly???

by JackOfAllTech In reply to Windows versus Mac.

How can you say the MACs were "user unfriendly"? They were specifically targeted at Ludites (artists, etc.) who were either incapable or unwilling to learn how to use a real PC. The same goes for the Windows XP GUI.


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Discussion declared dead.

by jardinier In reply to Windows versus Mac.

As there has been minimal response to this discussion, I hereby declare it to be officially

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