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    Windows Will Not Open Any Of My Programs


    by quicky ·

    Every Time I Start Up My Computer And I Try To Open A File It Says

    “Windows Cannot Open This File (FILE NAME).exe. I Don’t Know What Happened, Any Suggestions?


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      by s_hunnicutt ·

      In reply to Windows Will Not Open Any Of My Programs

      Sounds like you have gotten a virus or your registry is messed up.
      1. Try doing a virus scan on your pc.
      2. Try a program called adware to scan your registry.

      Let us know what happens after that

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        not “adware”

        by apotheon ·

        In reply to Registry/Virus

        The program you should try is called “Ad-Aware”, not “adware”. Whatever you do, don’t use something with a name similar to “Ad-Aware” but slightly different. There are a lot of pieces of various sorts of malware out there (most of the trojans of some kind) that “pretend” to be Ad-Aware by using filenames very similar to that.

        Other programs of use include Bazooka (at and Spybot Search and Destroy (at There are other things you could do as well, but frankly I don’t like to give advice that is too complex to people I don’t know, personally, are up to the task.

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