Windows xp adminstrator password problem

By char_grill1 ·
I oversee a small business. We have a computer that we purchased with installed software for an online ordering system. We were dissatisfied with the system and canceled with them. Since then, they have undergone changes and the tech folks that we knew are no longer there. Here is my dilemma. I have a computer running xp pro that won't let me into adminstrator mode without a password. I have been through the forums here and have tried your suggestions to no avail. Any suggestions?

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by Pringles86 In reply to Windows xp adminstrator p ...

Is this computer joined to any domain?

If it is joined to the domain, you can login as a domain administrator and change the local administrator password.

If it is not joined to a domain, there are other tools that will capture that admin password or reset the admin password for you.

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by char_grill1 In reply to Domain

It is not part of a domain. The purpose of the computer was to automatically go into online order receiving once it was turned on. Only someone with administrator priveleges could do anything but accept or deny orders as they appeared on screen. So when I exit the program for the online ordering system, I can do little else. I can't browse the internet or make any changes or anything. I get a window popping up saying only someone with those priveleges can do anything.

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Try this one

by Pringles86 In reply to Domain

I think I have tried this one before, but I can't really remember.

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what info is needed? can you do a parallel install?

by sgt_shultz In reply to Try this one

It sounds like you don't have your windows installation cd. if you did you could try a 'parallel install'. then you could 'take ownership' of any folders that you might need. since it is an online app perhaps all you need is the favorites folder and cookies or something.
a parallel install is where you put xp on the same box but in a different folder from the default. I just append the word 'rescue' to the folder name xp offers. make sure you have enough free drive space or add in a second drive to do this.
this is probably not what you are hoping for sorry, i don't know how to crack your password. i would go the the site for help with your password cracking maybe

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correct, no disk

by char_grill1 In reply to what info is needed? can ...

Yes, that is correct. No disk. Everything came pre installed. I have the license key. Not sure how to obtain a copy from that. I am perfectly willing to completely reformat. I need a pc to tie into a new register system that is being installed. So there will be new software anyway. I had hoped to use this one and not have to purchase a new one.

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Reformat then

by Pringles86 In reply to correct, no disk

That would probably be the easiest way to go. Just reformat and reinstall XP.

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ok, reformat

by char_grill1 In reply to Reformat then

My only concern with reformatting is reinstalling XP Pro. With no disc and only a key how can I get it? I have found links to discussions where this is a problem. Will I just need to get any disc (I have xp at home, not xp pro) and enter the code I have or will I have to buy a whole new copy?

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by Pringles86 In reply to Reformat then

You can't use an XP home CD to install XP Pro.

You can either find someone who has XP Pro and use their CD. Or download a copy of XP Pro from the internet and use your product key to install it. If you need more information on the second option, I don't think I can help you here as I believe some people would frown upon it.

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No Admin password

by huoml In reply to Windows xp adminstrator p ...

Do you have domain?

I am not sure if with guest account you can join the domain, but if you can get to change computer name screen on computer properties, you could try to join the domain and supply domain admin id/pswd to join the domain. Once joined, you can change local admin password.

Try the suggestion to boot off of cd that can rest admin password. I have used successfuly one of those utilities (more than a year ago).


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still no password

by char_grill1 In reply to No Admin password

Yeah, it seems that booting off a cd is the best bet. Unfortunately, I have no cd. This system was supposed to be supported through another company. That company is no longer in business. All I have is pre installed windows xp pro and with no administrator password I can't find a way to make a boot cd or restore cd. My access is limited. So my only recourse is to find a cd--I have the license key. Of course, finding someone I know with xp pro is tough.

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