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Windows XP Pro installation will not copy all files for the install.

By vernonw1 ·
While trying perform a clean install of Windows XP Pro, I get many errors during the file copying phase, saying a specific file can't be copied. I have to hit the Esc key to skip the install of that particular file and continue the install. This happens with DLL's, & SYS, etc. Without saying, at the end of that phase the system reboots and freezes. Any ideas why these files won't copy. I have tried at least 3 different disc's.

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WinXP Failure

by Jaytmoon In reply to Windows XP Pro installati ...

I had the same experience recently when performing a clean install on a (former) Win98 box. The culpret was a bad DIMM module which only Glitched out when the WinXP install was using the higher end of the ram's banks. A memory test with Quicktech 2k. Bottom line is swap out the ram with new or different modules and try again.

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Sounds like an incompatibility problem with XP

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows XP Pro installati ...

Was XP previously installed on this computer?

If not before you attempt to go any further try visiting Microsoft's Site and down load the XP Tester to test the computer. The problems could range from a CD ROM Drive to a stick of RAM and anything in between. There are quite a lot of bits of Hardware that are not compatible with XP.

Just a quick suggestion if the problem is with the CD Drive you can always try flashing the firmware {if possible} and this may make it compatible with XP.

There is another problem here as well you can install the basic XP and everything works correctly but when you attempt to install SP1 everything falls over. This is a case of the hardware not being compatible with XP and if you are attempting to install from a new XP CD it will be the SP1 version so this could be where you are getting problems from. Incidentally the XP Hardware Tester is only good for XP without SP1 and all bets are off when SP1 is install.

You can find the compatibility tools from M$ at

Remember to remove any spaces that may get inserted when this is uploaded.


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Try this!

by angelwthoutwings44 In reply to Windows XP Pro installati ...

If you have fdisked and formated and it still is giving you grief download PowerMax Blast tool from Maxtor and do a full low level format (writes 0's on the entire disk; this should eliminate any hidden files that may be causing conflict; I had this happen on an old gateway that was running ME and found this after many failures and crashes I could not explain; after I used this tool there where no more issues; also you might want to check you CDRom to make sure it is running at it's best...Good Luck IronGoddess

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Or you could try

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows XP Pro installati ...

Copping the whole install CD to a HDD and installing from that.

Incidental if you where to place this in the Q & A section rather than the general discussion section you would get far faster answers and most likely even from someone within you're own time zone. Not to mention being informed via e-mail every time someone answerers you're question. While most of the regulars here are only too happy to help you as much as possible you will get a far faster response in the Q & A section and will not be waiting too long.


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