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windows xp shutdown

By rmskk ·
I am using windows xp professional. It was working fine until recently, when I shut down windows, it takes unusually longer time to shut down : first it stops at windows logging off, then at saving your settings, then at windows shutting down, it stops there for almost five minutes although there is no hard disk activities. Can you tell me the cause and the solution to solve this problem. Thanks a lot

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by shyantan In reply to windows xp shutdown

you can find another way to shutdown virtually.
you better try to hibernate if your problem persist.
when you come to your shutdown option,click on the hibernate option.This leaves your desktop faster and also there is no need close applications on work.
you can leave them as it is and hibernate.Then when you again start your computer you will find that you are on the same desktop you left last time.

there is only one problem with it,that it will automatically start with XP(if you have other OS ,there is no option for OS selection).there are also other problem on it.sometimes this option doesn't work with some MOTHERBOARD.Also in processors higher than 3 gives the option of STANDBY,for this you can use SHIFT+STANDBY to hibernate

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More info

by gbrownlee In reply to windows xp shutdown

To start, this sort of question is better asked in the Technical Q&A section.

There are alot of reasons for a system to hang at shutdown. These reasons can even vary from manufacturer to manufacter, desktop/lap. If answer 1 doesn't solve your problem, post again in the Tech. Sec. with more info.


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Have a look here

by steve.newley In reply to More info

I have the same problem, working on it now. I've found some usefull info here.,39006407,39086135,00.htm

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