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Windows98 Problems

By mastertype ·
I have been having problems with my PC for the past several year (since I upgraded to Windows 9. Every time I am in my accounting software, my computer randomly freezes, forcing me to reboot the computer and lose the information I was working on. This happens every day, about 4 to 6 times a day.

I have contacted the accounting software vendor about the problem. According to the tech support people at the software vendor (Intuit - Quickbooks Pro (various versions)), the problem is not with QuickBooks, but with Windows.

Every time I am forced to reboot my system, files are corrupted in various software packages.

This problem has already caused a major problem to occur - my hard drive crashed a few weeks ago due to the excessiveproblems I had been having. So far with the new hard drive, I have not experienced as many of these problems, but they are still there and getting worse.

What can I do to find out what is causing this problem and how do I go about correcting it? I need immediate help, if possible. Please contact me via email at

Thank you.

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by pdp productions presents.... In reply to Windows98 Problems

hi, Ive suscribed to this so I can know an 'IT' kind of answer too.
I tried a program called Fix-it-Utilities 2000 on my '98 at home that helped me alot. Im Electronic Imaging Specialist and the way '98 was handling all of my Imaging applications was not a pretty sight. The addition of two more hard drives helped me out to serve as image storing and scratch disks instead of the main one where the OS was.

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I have two hard drives....

by mastertype In reply to issuezzzz......

Your message is of no help to me, as I have a second hard drive which I use for storage of all my data files. My system seems to crash only when I am using my accounting software (I am an accountant).

I got a message the other day (which came upfor several days in a row) when I booted my computer which read:


There are no spare stack pages. It may be necessary to increase the settings of 'MinSPs' in SYSTEM.INI to prevent possible stack faults. There are currently 5 SPs allocated.

Press any key to continue...

I looked in my SYSTEM.INI file but saw no reference to this MinSP anywhere in the file. If I need to increase the size of these stack pages, how do I go about doing so and where does the command go within theSYSTEM.INI file?

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Could be CPU

by jm In reply to I have two hard drives... ...

Does the PC freeze solid? I mean no mouse movement, nothing? If so it could be the CPU is flakey, maybe overheating. I have seen this more than once. Replaced the CPU and everything was fine.

Hope this helps


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Also other Hardware

by piston99 In reply to Could be CPU

Make sure that all the cards are firmly secured in their respective slots and has the latest drivers installed. Check the device manager for IRQ allocation and finally try flashing to the latest bios on the motherboard.

Good luck.

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QuickBooks problems

by Ground Floor In reply to Windows98 Problems

I'm also seeing QuickBooks freeze. It is a network install on a NT2000 Server with Windows98 workstations. During certain times, workstation CPU usage pegs at 100%. It is not a network issue. I think the database is too large, and the customer is trying to clean it up, but I would like to find out if more people are seeing this problem and how they are resolving it. The freezing is not random, but occurs on certain functions such as deleting a record.

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I have freeze problems too.

by akcoop In reply to QuickBooks problems

I have been having problems with QuickBooks and W2K. I have a W2K server with three W2K Pro workstations. My users were/are getting "Switch To" errors. The errors stopped when I uninstalled McAfee Viruscan (v4.5 multi-platform). I still get QB32errors, but I believe that is because I have a DSL line to the office and Intuit has said they have incompatibility problems with DSL. Their fix was that I was supposed to switch to dial up! I am still in the process of trying to get ahold of techsupport at NAI to see if there is a way to have Viruscan running. Viruscan was also running in the background and locked up QuickBooks very similar to your situation. Hope this helps.

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