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WinXP registration

By chipw ·
I recently set up a new machine with WinXP but mistakenly used a preciously used registration number. The automated registration worked with no problem. Now I have two boxes registered with the same number with Micro$oft.

Is this something I should be concerned about? Or will it go without being noticed by Micro$oft?

(I don't know if they keep a record in a database of every registration number)

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How did you reg?

by dean-marcel In reply to WinXP registration

Did you reg both machines on the same phone line?

If yes, then MS might assume that you have upgraded your hardware but are still using the same O/S. In which case, you should be find.

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by chipw In reply to How did you reg?

I am on a lan. I also chose the option to activate only, not the first option for the full registration with Micro$oft.

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by dean-marcel In reply to

Then this seams very strange that MS have passed this reg, I would suspect they have noticed the same IP of the server, unless that server has a network licence attached. But again, the same code could be used more than once as there is a limited amount of codes recorgnised (to my knowledge).

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This is the same

by zlitocook In reply to WinXP registration

Problem they had with the other O/S it is too hard to keep up with the single user. They watch out for companys and many installs with the same ID. This way they can make big companys pay and the single user who can not afford to pay any thing running from the software cops. I bet I can install XP or 2k on 1000 computers and MS will not bother me. But let a corp. install anything not registered with MS and thier will be an inspection real quick.

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As a Guess I'd say

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to WinXP registration

You struck M$ on a very good day for you anyway as even any upgrades that I perform that require reactivation require me to ring M$ negotate their computerised service just to speak to a human and then explain exactly what I've done then if they aresatified they give me an activation key. I do have a slight advantage being a M$ Partner but they are really on the ball about this one and insist that I not only activate the OS but any programs eg Office XP as well.

The M$ computer tells me that activation should take about 5 minutes but I enveribly spend upwards of .5 of an hour just to get the key which they insist that I type in as they give it to me just to make sure that the thing actually works.

But just to be on the safe side ifit was an OEM version then stick the CAO on the box and if it was a retail version then claim ingorance as to what exactly happened if you have the proper number of licenced copies around then they won't be too concerned but in Australia M$ have proscuted many vendors for cloning the HDD then selling OEM versions of XP with each computer as the product key doesn't match the one in the computer. They almost always win these court actions and the ones that they don't win are settled out of court to save money. It's just another way of M$ making it more diffictual for the system builder. But on a side note if you are a big business then you don't have to go through the activation process as the Volume Licencing copies of XP don't require thisprocess, you just get 1 CD with permission to install it on X number of computers the X being the number of licences that you have bought.

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Registration is not a license

by admin In reply to WinXP registration

Keep the 2 licenses in case they ask, but you should be fine. They usually only blacklist registration numbers in future upgrades when they are posted on the internet or used quite excessively in some other way. Just keep your Eula, packaging and media, they are what matters.


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Actually you forgot the

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Registration is not a lic ...

COA that comes with OEM product if you have two of these stickers then there's no problem as it is impossible to obtain duplicates of these susposely industructible and unremovable stickers that should be fixed to the chassis. However if you have retail versions keep everything but in reality M$ won't be all that interested it you have the proper number of registered copies and particuarly if you have retail versions they will simply think that you have mistakenly used the wrong disk/product key when you reinstalled for some reason.

However what I can't understand is how you actually got it to register unless both computers are of similar construction like almost having the same internal parts if this is the case then the M$ Activationcould have become confused as the only real difference would have been the Serial Number on the CPU and you can change up to 3 items before you have to reactivate XP again. {that means speaking to a human and not relying on a computer to generate anactivation key} For normal users this isn't a real problem but if you are like me and constantly changing bits in your computers it does present problems as I constantly have to ring up explain whats been done and then get a new activation number. It's a real nusance particuarly if you are constantly trying out new bits for trial purposes or are supplied parts form distributers for coment/evelation. Recently after M$ caused me to crash one of my computers I took the oportinuty to do a little upgrade I added 6 X 146 GB SCSI HDD's and this required speaking to a human to get a activation number after a long explination on what had been changed/added.

The person actually thought that I had pirated the OS but as I explained as I had just fitted over $14,000 AU in hardware did he seriously think that a lousy $280.00 AU would actually be of concern to me.

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If your really concerned

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to WinXP registration

About the fact that you have the same product key on 2 activated versions of Windows XP then you can ring MS on their technicial support line and they can tell you how to change the product key without having to reload the entire system again.

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