Wireless Networking?

By lobsterpot0511 ·
I'm not even sure if I'm using the term "wireless networking" appropriately, and I'm certain that the question I'm asking is either ridiculously easy or near impossible to do.

I have two computers in my home office. One is a desktop, the other is a notebook PC. For Internet (provided by Time Warner), I have a cable that runs into a wireless router. Then there's a cable that runs from the router to the desktop and the notebook PC picks up signals wirelessly.

With me so far? Good.

Now, what I'd like to be able to do is to create a file on one computer and then transmit it to the other computer. For instance, maybe I want to create a small graphic in Photoshop on the notebook and then send it to the desktop. Right now, I either have to plug in a flash/USB key and save the file to it, and then plug it into the desktop. The other alternative is to email the file to myself and pick it up on the other computer.

I'm thinking that since the computers are networked, that I could just send a file from one computer to another.

Does this make sense? Can anyone offer a primer for a DIY dummy like me?

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You already have a workgroup setup since you are networked

by ManiacMan In reply to Wireless Networking?

All you need to do is enable simple file sharing and you'll be able to transfer files. You never did specify your OS, so we can't tell you exactly how to do it, as XP and Vista work differently for this function.

Are you with me now? LOL :^0

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Can you elaborate?

by lobsterpot0511 In reply to You already have a workgr ...

Can you elaborate on the part about "enabling simple file sharing"? I'm not sure what would be involved with this.

The desktop is XP and the notebook is Vista.

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Refer to Windows help on how to do this

by ManiacMan In reply to Can you elaborate?

Push F1 and look for simple file sharing in the search window.

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I've Enabled Simple File Sharing But...

by lobsterpot0511 In reply to Refer to Windows help on ...

After my post last night, I did just as you recommended and referred to Windows Help to learn how to set up simple file sharing.

However, I'm still having a problem.

Let's say that I select a file on my notebook and right-click on it and select "share" and go through the remaining motions (e.g. select share with "guest" etc).

Where does this file show up on my desktop PC?

For such a simple task, this all seems way too confusing. Or perhaps I'm just overthinking things.

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Here's my offering

by tintoman In reply to I've Enabled Simple File ...

Although you are receiving some good advice here is isn't actually true to say that you have a workgroup already.
The first thing you need to do check the "my computer" properties (right click my computer select properties)
On the computer name tab check that your computer is part of a workgroup and that the workgroup name is the same on both machines.
With me so far? good
If the workgroup names are different change one and make them both the same.
Then once you have restarted the machines open "my network places" (Start > my network places) if it isnt in the list then open My Computer and select my network places from the side folder list.
Then select view workgroup computers.
You should now see both of your computers in the window, if you do not see them you will need to run the set up a home network wizard within my network places.
You should run it on both machines.

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