Wireless Networking Configuration Laptop IP Issue

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I have added a new Linksys WRT300N to be used as a wireless LAN Gateway for a Home Office Network consisting of a New PC an existing Laptop Docking Station & Satellite Internet connection.

The WIRED Laptop/D.S. is now receiving different IP configuration details than the WIRELESS Desktop and as a result it is unable to access the internet in the following setup:

SAT - Satellite Internet Router
WLAN - Linksys WRT300N WiFi ADSL Router/AP
C/O - Crossover cable


NOTE: The SAT Router is connected via Crossover cable to a network port(NOT the ADSL Port) on the WLAN Router.(The ADSL port is not in use until the high speed becomes available in the area.)

I have been assured that this will work with the WRT300N as long as DHCP is enabled on the router.

The Desktop is working, connecting via wireless from another location.

The Laptop is connected via ethernet cable to a network port on the WLAN Router

The Laptop has two issues:
1. The DELL Wireless Adaptor will not pick up the SSID or connect to the WLAN.(Probably needs to be updated /re-installed)

2. When connected via ethernet cable the IP Configuration details do not match the Desktop PC and no LAN or Internet access is available.

I don't have the exact IP details at the moment but the Desktop gets the usual 192.168.x.x. and the Laptop appears to be getting a WAN address similar to the Satelite Router(I'm not sure if they are exactly the same).

When the crossover cable is conected directly into the Laptop's network port it works fine as it did before.

This is a new setup so all security and firewalls have been turned off/diasabled temporarily while testing and as far as I know, DHCP has been enabled correctly and the WLAN Router is using the default settings.
I have even tried connecting directly to the router without the docking station and using different known working cables.

It appears that the Laptop is not picking up a correct DHCP Address from the WLAN router but the desktop is?

I am setting this up for someone else who is using an office Laptop with VPN at home so I am trying to make as few changes as possible to the laptop.

I am assuming that if the Desktop can connect wirelessly and access the internet via the WRT300N then it can be used this way (without the ADSL port) and the Laptop is the only issue.

Any help or ideas on this would be greatly appreciated?



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Problem solved.

by web.accs In reply to Wireless Networking Confi ...

In case you've read the previous......

After contacting the ISP again to reconfirm the information previously given it turns out that:

The SAT Modem/Router cannot provide DHCP/ IP Addresses to multiple clients without using the WAN port on the WRT300N Router.

A WRT300N ADSL router cannot share a single Internet connection via a LAN Port to other clients without DHCP being disabled and the ISP providing DHCP from source.

If I want more than one Client to access the WLAN Router-SAT Modem I need to change the WRT300N to an Ethernet Access Point or change the SAT Router/Modem/ISP.

Unless someone out there has a clever bit of knowledge to do otherwise?

There are few things more annoying than wasting a long day on the wrong road from bad directions.

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