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By dwdino ·
Funny, for some reason, upper management asked me for a wish list the other day. Technologies that I would like to empliment, but have had neither the time nor funds for. I am not sure if this is a good/bad thing, or simply a whimsy of managment.

But this got me wondering, how the rest of TR would respond to this thing. Now I am not talking about GHz this and Terabyte that, but true tech systems to change business operations.

For instance, some of mine were:

1) Digital document system
2) NAS/SAN centralized storage
3) Thin Client/TS system.

Anyone else?

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by Cactus Pete In reply to Wish List

I'd ask for monitoring services/devices and more hands.

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by voldar In reply to Wish List

depends on what your network needs.
If you are in a production environment, maybe a Document Management software should be considered, a centralized Printing Management as well (with data registrations/trackings per project/type of paper etc.).
You also should consider new servers to ballance the workload of the existing ones, or to make "the system" fully redundant. Software - like a good remote control one or/and antiviruses are a must. From my experience, two good antivirus softwares make the difference. This is what I say for now.
You should also consider implementing a VoIP system, it cuts the expenses in some areas. I don't even mention centralized backup - if possible, which in most cases is a must.

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My Wish List

by Matrixcsl In reply to All

What a lovely management team you must have!!!!

How about scrapping EVERYTHING you have and starting all over? Would be excellent fun and will keep you in a job for years!!!

Document management stuff may be useful.
You could ask for a new management team?
You could say "thanks, I would like to have a serious think about what will improve business performance for you, I will need to travel in order to assess various ideas I have, so will need say ?100,000 expenses". Then of course you go around the world 3 times, keep reading tech republic for product updates etc..........

Your list would of course depend on your business and client requirements. Have fun.

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I had :)

by voldar In reply to My Wish List

because now I moved to another country.
The fact is, when you know how to present things, and most important - WHEN, sometimes you may succed. It is not said against you, just a friend to friend advice.
Be proactive (and take the chance you have been given now), sometimes, if you know how to show the benefits of something you want to implement you may succed, because any manager/money-holder/etc. will "open wide ears" when a "cut off in expenses" is involved, even if the cost is not cheep in the begining.
As for myself, I waited almost 2 years to have the software I specified above, but I did it in the last. WHEN and HOW are two words that should be part of your thoughts, and INTUITION is always needed. To know WHEN it is the right moment (ie - after a large amount of money made by the firm) and to know HOW to support your requests (ie. Show the benefits of implementing them, draw charts, etc.) if you want to be PROACTIVE (gosh, where have I find this word? It sounds quite strange )

LOL - I think OZ will kill me sooner or later - I start to sound like him - but that's what I think about this :)

And yes, from time to time it is good to loose those PII and climb to the next step (this is about "scrapping everything" ;-)).

But also I say that is very close to WHAT is the management team looking for to have in his business. So, YOU are in the best position to know what are the possibilities/demands/expectations from your management staff. I didn't ment to patronize you, and I appologize if it sounded like this, but you were the one that started "asking". :)
Have fun .. and do your best!

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by jkaras In reply to Wish List

for starters an executive office with one of those hideaway wet bars and a sexy secretary that flirts just enough to keep it interesting. This office needs at least one window of a decent view for inspiration and a sign outside the door that resembles a wild-e coyote latin description of my genious.
Ok now that my wish part is talked about now talk tech. I would like middle of the road computers not cutting edge but slightly better than whats now with 19" flat screen monitors for the eye ease of long hours at the desk. Regular email, not web-based for all employees, no invasive monitoring unless approved by ALL management to remove a serious issue, not for yuks. I remember someone posting earlier about a jukebox music share along the network to create a happier work place. Most important, a really nice set of tools and good voltmeters ect.. rather than a few junkie screwdrivers and old tools that can barely suffice. Oh yeah an auto cat5 connector crimper tool rather than the manual cheapo that we have. A really comfy chair so my but doesnt feel any flatter after a long day. Constant training available to be more. Ok so mine are not techical due to decent or adequate equipment but things that can seriously make a difference, its not my fault they said "wish list" I tend to take things literally at times.

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