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By Cactus Pete ·
I haven't looked into the Wireless ISP thing for a while, but now I'm moving... And there is no DSL or cable internet access at the new address.

There are 4 [as far as I can tell] WISP companies in the area, but one at least doesn't allow home servers - and I am willing to pay more for 'business' access, if necessary.

So, other than price and coverage [each about the same], how do I differentiate the remaining three providers? Should I look for certain equipment they use? Are there anyspecific WISP issues?

I remember latency being an issue a few years ago - is it still?

Does anyone have any alternative suggestions?

Finally, has anyone had personal experience which might be appropriate to share concerning getting new internet service [not dialup, DSL, or cable]?

Thanks all...

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by djent In reply to WISP

Are you planning to put a web server on this service or do just want to share this connection with multiple PCs? If you only plan to share the connection a router will work fine. Many ISPs offer web server hosting service which is desireable for small sites.

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by Cactus Pete In reply to

I plan on doing everything I can with the access. I like to test stuff on my own at home, and I generally need permission from any ISP I end up with to run multiple servers [virtual or otherwise].

I'm not worried about paying for the service, unless it starts being cheaper to get a T1...

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by djent In reply to everything

Talk to WISPs about hosting, the bandwidth on wireless is not conducive to server hosting. Wireless has to many security holes.

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