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With the last few patchs

By zlitocook ·
From Microsoft has any strange problems popped up? I have been looking at the Tech questions and reading online mags. I have seen alot of questions on drive mapping not working, memory errors and other strange things.
I ask this because I have had problems where there should be none, all my computers are brand new. All have a new image and all updates, no problems sence march when they were setup.
Now with in a few days I get three computers locked up, I had to do a hard shut down on them.
And three others keep getting memory exceptions but will keep running. A few will not show mapped drives and they will show the network and email.
We use symantic antivirus and websence to block IE, I have scanned the computers with Spybot, AdAware. The network is clear, I checked out going packets and watch the servers. It seems random and only effects a few computers.

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That's interesting

by DanLM In reply to With the last few patchs

I just bought a new dell a couple months ago. Has the Microsoft Media OS. I run a samba server on a FreeBSD which, which appears in the network neighborhood with all the shares. I had several drives mapped, but now they do not appear in the mappings. They seemed to lose the mappings when I rebooted the windows machine.

Now, I am running a demo of webroot window washer. And I was thinking that this was removing the network history. Couldn't find anything in the settings to signify that, but you never know.But now that I've seen this post, I'm wondering.

Now, I did have an issue on my FreeBSD machine at one time which caused windows to not see the samba server. But, I have corrected that. That also though, was around the same time that I seen my mapped drives disappear. Not even in my explorer window.

Hmm, hope someone can offer some insight.


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