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Word Macro Murkiness

By azhobo ·
We still have occasions where old documents trigger the macro security warning when opened, even though there does not ‘seem’ to be an actual macro or virus infection.
I’ve told users that sometimes the virus removal software gets rid of the virus code but the shell of the macro is still in the document and hence the warning which is somewhat of a guess on my part. I’ve examined the documents and attempted to edit the ‘mystery’ macro but I haven’t been able to satisfy myself that I know what is triggering the warning. I can cut the information out and paste it into a brand new document and eliminate the warning but I’ve never been able to actually display the macro code or see direct evidence of it’s presence other than the macro warning when the old document is opened.
I’ve had individuals state confidently that the macro warning was triggered because the document used an automated date insert. Others state confidently that the warning i

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Word Macro Murkiness

by Larry H. In reply to Word Macro Murkiness

The macro warning, if turned on, will appear when you open any document containing a macro (whether it contains a virus or not). If the document is from a trusted source and you know why a macro might be embedded in the document then you can ignorethe warning. If you're not sure where the document is from or why it contains a macro it protects you from accidental infection.

If you choose DISABLE MACROS from this warning the macro will not run, and you will not be able to see or edit it. If you have run an antivirus program with current virus signatures over the file and you're sure that it's clean choose ENABLE MACROS when you open the document. You should then be able to view and edit the macro.

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Word Macro Murkiness

by azhobo In reply to Word Macro Murkiness

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