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Working in Foreign Countries

By ehood ·
The company I work for is opening an office in China. We will be hiring locals to do the work and I know there are Chinese Operating Systems and Chinese versions of software. I was wondering overall what I should expect. I have had very little to do with foreign documents except PDF's and Word. Most of these had some form of translation done to them so we saw English and the language they were created in.

When we send a document (Word, Excel) from an English version will it be converted when they open it and what happens to the documnets they send us that were originally done in Chinese? I assume this is not transparent and the document will open it its native language if we have the proper languages installed on our systems.

I would like a broad picture of some of the things we may need to do to prepare for this and what to expect.

Any links or ideas will be greatly appreciated.


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Lots of interesting stuff going on there

by Dr Dij In reply to Working in Foreign Countr ...

I presume you mean the mainland, as Taiwan is reasonably stable.

take a language course, mandarin likely..
unstable populations shifting to cities,
land grabs in remote areas as all property is 'the states'. lack of rule by law in small provinces, but ruled by often corrupt local officials..

huge amounts of coal fired pollution, serious electrical grid problems (companies asked to shut down production lines during daytime!). people buying cars and crowding streets instead of bicycles.. much more..

from a tech point of view, computer world article that their servers are being hacked much more than other countries as they have less budget and people to secure them..

china today mag is interesting even tho an 'official' rag. learn and read all you can..


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look on Google

by jck In reply to Working in Foreign Countr ...

You can get programs that will take a Word document and actually translate and convert the Word document from one language to another.

Dr. Dij is right, though. You'd be better off to learn the local dialect of Chinese, whether Mandarin, Canton, etc. It will be good not only educationally, but it will give a leg-up whenever your co-workers and superiors see you are an asset linguistically as well.

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Test your email thoroughly

by gadgetgirl In reply to Working in Foreign Countr ...

From bitter experience, I know that Lotus Notes absolutely detests some Mandarin translator programs. We purchased three which failed on the Notes email side before getting a successful program to work. The program we ended up using was actually purchased in China - you may want to start looking at translation programs from that side first!

Good Luck


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