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Workspace. addon idea...

By Jaqui ·
and Question..

When is the Shared Project functionality going to be implemented? any timeline on it?

for a test of that, why not have some members collaborate on a site script that duplicates TR's, with the feature requests that have been most frequently asked for.

it may require adding something like cvs or subversion tools to the workspace though.
[ or one member putting a version control server space up for it. ]
if that happens then that same box could also be used as a platform for testing the script with.

since this script could become part of the foundation for further TR improvements, I doubt that such a project would ever become visible to the general membership, which is why I posted the idea in here.

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I know what you might feel like

by maxwell edison In reply to Workspace. addon idea...

I recently started a discussion in this section, and nobody replied for days and days. So I just changed it to "-".

However, after I changed it to "-", it generated 18 replies!

By the way, I would comment on your original suggestion, but it all flew right over my head. When you started talking about cvs and subversion tools, the only relation I could make was to subverting terrorism with some new kind of weapons of mass confusion.

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by Jaqui In reply to I know what you might fee ...

subversion and cvs are colaboration tools, for sharing source code.

The original idea being to get members to "colaborate" on something, using the workspace and maybe a version control system, that would have a benefit for TR as a whole.

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Well, I'm not sure how that would work...

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to ~lol~

...since we run TR on about three different platforms (Jive for community, a proprietary Java-based system for articles/downloads, and a whole other off-the-shelf database for white papers), and we realy don't have the means to replicate all that in a versionable environment. This is a total Frankenstein job.

Even if we're just talking community stuff--discussions/tech q&a/blogs/links--there's still a couple dozen unique, interdependent JSPs hitting a replicated test database thats 90 days out of sync with our live system and hidden behind the company firewall. Not exactly the kind of contraption to idly tinker with.

As much as I'd like to get sort of an "Open TR" project going, I don't see it as immediately feasible.

Now, if you want to talk about an open spec, well, that's different. We could get a private Wiki doc and let some of our chosen favorites spitball a solution for some of our feature problems.

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a wiki

by Jaqui In reply to Well, I'm not sure how th ...

could work.

I was thinking along the lines of having some members, that fit the "trusted" classification work on creating a complete site script to duplicate TR, with the requested features / bugfixes.

this wouldn't require opening any confidential data, as the needed sections for TR are clearly obvious. [ read, we can see the sections for tr, and know there has to be admin functions ]

The resulting code base would be functional as is, and a foundation for TR's own team to customise or use as a starting point for TR itself. [ or even as inspiration on some of the more irritating bugs ]

personally, I would do most of the work with php as cgi, creating the abstraction from the data sources that currently exists, and possibly improving performance overall. [ java server pages tend to get slower as traffic increases more than any other scripting language ]

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good starting point

by jdclyde In reply to a wiki

and it would be cool to have REAL input on the site.

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by Jaqui In reply to good starting point

with all the skilled people here, creating a content management system that would fit TR, yet be available to those that helped develop it if they need one, shouldn't take a huge amount of time.
[ hense the completely new code base rather than TR revealing confidential data ]

ohhh.. table design for a discussion in a mysql db..

I have a sweet one, that will allow for infinite depth of replies, yet is very simple.

# Table structure for table 'topics'
topic_id int(11) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL auto_increment,
parent_id int(11) DEFAULT '0',
root_id int(11) DEFAULT '0',
name varchar(255),
description text,
create_dt timestamp(14),
modify_dt timestamp(14),
author varchar(255),
author_host varchar(255),
PRIMARY KEY (topic_id)
root id is the discussion topic : TR Insiders
Parent IT is thread
Post ID is the post.

reply to this post it would become the parent, the root would be the Thread

might have to add one more level of id for the multi section discussions we have here.
add a 5th level for multiple topic postings.

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I misunderstood...and wow.

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to a wiki

So you're talking about designing a parallel universe version of TR from the ground up as an open-source project. Interesting. Considering how feature-rich we'd need the site to be, that's one hell of a dev commitment, especially considering that we in all likelihood couldn't give you tie-ins to our live data (or even replicate the data to a dump server--that's a long story about caching and network latency).

Still, I like your moxie, and if I could swing the server space--a seriously huge if, mind you--this could be a heck of a fun exercise. And great PR, I don't mind saying. I still think we'd need a consensus spec document first, just so all our coder are on the same page.

Tell you what, if you get me a half-dozen names of seriously committed users who would be willing to hash out a spec and then help code a prototype, I'll fight for this as a project initiative. I can't make promises, but this sounds incredibly cool. Talk about user-driven Web sites.

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You're on

by Jaqui In reply to I misunderstood...and wow ...

and, for Clarity, this list of committed members has to meet approval of TR bosses?

or is it open to any member that is willing to commit to working on it?

I'm looking at a hosting provider that may be willing to add cvs or subversion, so the server space isn't really an issue.
the host offers mysql as DB, apache webserver, lots of nice little bells and whistles.
[ cheap too, for the plan that may allow adding cvs / subversion it's starting at $16.39 USD / month.. 5 gigs webspace, 50 gigs data transfer ]

If I can take it to the general membership, I'll have 6 by Friday. :)

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by apotheon In reply to You're on

I would hope "take it to the general membership" doesn't mean "post a public thread". There are people in the "general membership" who would be great to have involved, but I don't know that I'd be keen on random strangers wanting to get in on the ground floor.

The more I think about this, the more it interests me.

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I agree that

by Jaqui In reply to You're on

taking it into a generally available forum wouldn't be a good thing, but there are a lot of members that do not have insider access that would be great to have on such a project.

if we can get enough volunteers in the insiders to get an ok, then we can get some of the general members approved for inclusion, by invitation through peer contact.

6 is good for getting approval, but 20 or more for getting something this complex done would be better.

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