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World of Warcraft TR Meeting

By jmgarvin ·
Ok meeting time: Tuesday at 6pm PST (9pm EST, 8pm Central, and 7pm MST).

So, the server will be Duskwood (PvE)...which will mean the noobs will have an easier time...

The possible players

1) jmgarvin - Cervisia
2) stargazer - ???
3) shellbot - ???
4) Bill Detwiler - Keres
5) Mark W. Kaelin - Elkwinkarma
6) Brother Kaelin - Dozark
7) jdclyde - razzor
WDMail - Slydah
9) FirstPeter - Alterthorn
10) mike_hutton - Catervarii
11) phil.stratton@ - Helmbreckt
12) hkdtech - ???
13) Jellimonsta - ???
14) ddemoya@ - Bonky
15) Deezone13 - Deezone or mojoman

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need to know about NAMES

by jdclyde In reply to World of Warcraft TR Meet ...

In effect, what you are creating would in other games be called a "clan", but I don't know if that idea transfers into WoW or not. Does it?

If it does, is there a naming convention we should be thinking about BEFORE we all create accounts and characters?

What line of thinking do you follow for your naming? In D2, I have been using this as part of my venting process to redirect negative feelings for my ex-wife, by creating characters names "BuryHerAlive", "MaimNquarterHer", "BetRoffAlone", (you get the picture.) I don't think I will carry this naming convention over to Wow (for some reason). A new convention will need to be constructed to takes it's place, and it should be one that fits in with the people of the Clan.

What say you?

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Clans = Guilds

by WDMail In reply to need to know about NAMES

A character can start a guild that others join. I think they have a limited time to populate it with people. Not sure the number....10 maybe.

Upon entering the guild, you will have another chat tab specifically for that group.

Typically, the guild is a group of people with similar goals in the game or just friends that want to be in the same "family".

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Horde or Alliance?

by Bill Detwiler Editor In reply to World of Warcraft TR Meet ...

If we haven't decided on a side, I cast my vote for Horde. I have never played a Horde character and would like to try an undead rouge.


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Someone make a decision on this

by jdclyde In reply to Horde or Alliance?

because I have a lot of reading to do on races and characters, and I would hate to read the wrong one!

Having never done either, I have no preference one way or the other on this.

Is this kind of like the difference between lawful-good and chaotic-evil?

Does this also affect the types of quests you get?

Oh yeah, I have read several references here and on-line about "tanks". I assume this is a specific style of fighter, but what defines a tank?

Another question. The experienced here should state what they are going to be, and then in turn guide the noobs to fill positions that are lacking to make a more rounded group.

I don't see a first character being a caster of any kind though, but I did see for skills of fighters, potions, armory, hunting and two others. how big of a deal is this?

Will get to the store tomorrow to pick up the game.

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Clarification and vote for Horde

by jmgarvin In reply to Someone make a decision o ...

Neither side is really "good" or "bad."

Break down:
Night Elf - In tune with nature and quick on their feet...good with magic
Human - Jack of all trades, good with swords and maces.
Dwarf - Stocky and strong. Good with guns and axes
Gnome - Pointless race...they all should die

Tauren - Think Native American. They can stomp and stun bad guys. Good with two handed weapons and magic
Orc - Strong and good with axes
Undead - Better at resisting shadow damage...jack of all trades
Trolls - Good with bows and can regenerate health.

Tanks are usually "off" tank is a Paladin or a shaman. A tank is any PC that can run into melee range and not die a quick and horrible death ;-)

As for class:
I think I'll make a Tauren Druid. That is a healer than can change form. If we don't get a priest vote, I'll make one of them ;-)

My name will be Cervisia.

As for picking up trade skills, we should worry about that later.

Sounds good!

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gender and race

by jdclyde In reply to World of Warcraft TR Meet ...

a few quick words on gender and race?

on a lot of xbox fighter games, I often take the female characters because they are quicker and land in the hits before many of the more powerful characters can land a hit. Is that true for WoW, especially in the case of a fighter?

race, bonuses and minuses for race? Just a few words of wisdom on general things to watch for. On-line is pretty general about a lot of that, and won't have a book to read until tomorrow night after the install is done.

Oh yeah, is there a limit to how many characters you can currently have at a time?

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by Shellbot In reply to gender and race

if we Horde i not get to be a cute pretty NightElf
Ah well..i can be some hideous hag then i guess..

i won't be operational for another week or so..have to get the gear and scheduale in some time!
keep asking questions JD, saves me from doing it :)

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I know just enough

by jdclyde In reply to dang..

to be a royal pain in the arse!

Years of D&D, and then Diablo2, give me an idea of what goes into the creation of a character. It is a matter of making the translation. If I was playing alone I would just freely make lots of mistakes and learn from them. When playing with others that will be depending on you to hold up your end, there is more pressure to do it right.

I will want to make a mage, but want to get the "lay of the land" on how game play goes first.

How does the time frame fit for you WAY over there Shell? I can see planning a weekend day as well so people from all over can make some of the sessions!

I still play D2 a lot, because it is fun to try to come up with new combinations, but it is not nearly as flexable as this is, so I see this as a good change. Not to mention, garvin had me hooked on the idea ever since he said he is running it under linux. First step, get it running. Second step, create a linux desktop to also run it on. Gives me a direction for my linux desktop.

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Mage - DPS and CC

by WDMail In reply to I know just enough

The mage is good for burst damage and CC (Crowd Control). VERY helpful in a group outing to be able to incapacitate 1 or 2 creatures.

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by Shellbot In reply to I know just enough

well..i not saying it gonna be easy to hook up with you guys..but i'll manage once in a while..the odd weekend would be nice :)
only other one i was really into was it gonna take me a while to get the lay of the land as well..

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