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Worm of the Week Winner

By BFilmFan ·
This week's winner is.... (drum roll please)....

Trainer4063 for his managing to ask a number of questions, never award any points, never contribute to a single discussion and generally prove that IT Management in Lakewood, Washington is incompotent based on his replies to the answers.

1000 points each were awarded to jdclyde and 3xp3rt for their nominations!

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nice words twist/ astringency

by rob mekel In reply to Worm of the Week Winner

mm, like that. :)

but what do you mean: incompetent or impotent ]:) lol

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now all we need

by jdclyde In reply to Worm of the Week Winner

is the dunce cap to be handed out.

Although "troll" is not appropreate.

I think a dunce cap with "WORM" on it would be adequate?

I am also a HUGE fan of the idea of not allowing more than two TQ&A's to be open at a time, and until ALL the responses are rated, it isn't concidered closed.

While you might lose some of the questions that people are asking, you WON'T lose all the people that come here for the challenge of ANSWERING the questions.

That would raise the quality of the answers, and the quality would bring in quality posters to ask questions.

(note: worm of week, should become a weekly thing, but 1 point is quite enough reward! )

Thanks B!

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