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    Worms after worms


    by babab ·

    Since I connected my PC to a hub at home, this PC has been getting worms after worms while the other PC is OK. McAfee is detecting them but unable to clean or delete them. What can I doo to stop these WORMS from infecting the PC?

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      Worm Removal

      by ssb_0227steve ·

      In reply to Worms after worms

      Have you tried booting your system from the McAfee recovery disk?
      You can make one from the McAfee control panel.
      It quite ofetn will allow you to remove under DOS.

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      Worm detection

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to Worms after worms

      Although MacAffee and Norton have become popular, they don’t really do anything that free software doesn’t, in fact they are more apt to create problems and conflicts than MOST other AV software. You should run a trijan detector, there are literally tonnes of them that can be found on CNET or ZDNET downloads. They will usually detect and remove worms.

      If you want to try another AV solution, AVG Free edition is EXCELLENT.

      You may want to also scan for SPYWARE, it will bring up interesting results about how much crap gets inadvertently added to your system without you knowing.

      This topic is border line between a discussion thyread and a Technical Q&A (which I am somewhat adamant that people use). Next time you have a question of this nature, please post to the appropriate forum.

      Good luck,

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