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By Oz_Media ·
The new member profile page is AWESOME!

I absolutely love it, what a cool job you did. IF and I repeat IF I had to make a single change, it would be the tabs used. Although I like the 3-D MAC look (like XP in monochrome) I would have used a bevel and drop shadow, but that's just a personal thing. (Late Edit: Just looked again and it is just a gradient button not the 'gel' or 'glass style' I first thought it was, nasty comment is retracted) )

The content is superb, the various links and collections of recent articles, interests etc. is great.

I don't mind a heavy use of text links in something like that, even though I don't like them on main pages. I really don't know what else to add, it's so in depth and well laid out.

Excellent job, I think I like it! :)


P.S. Hey, look at, that I just started my 2nd discussion! I suppose you couldn't really track how many discussions we've started over the years though. Cheers.

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WWWOOOOOOAH!!!! Hang on a minute!

by Oz_Media In reply to WOW, GUYS,THAT'S GREAT ST ...

Hold yer horses guys, where is the MY DISCUSSIONS LINK!!!!

It tracks my discussions in my profile but not the main discussions screen.

Will this mean we have to make our own profile pages into our start pages to avoid clicking through the site to get My Discussions?

I have a feeling it will all change again in 5 minutes and I am just jumping the gun here though.

Damn daytime site updaters!

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Glad you like it.

by sMoRTy71 In reply to WOW, GUYS,THAT'S GREAT ST ...

Thanks for the positive feedback.

If you find any other issues while you're checking out the profile, please post them in this thread:

I'm monitoring that one for bugs and other issues.

Thanks again!

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great work

by apotheon In reply to Glad you like it.

I've got to agree with Oz on this: the new profiles are grand. Thanks for the hard work, guys. It's well appreciated.

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