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Xbox taking down Playstation? Is Ballmer on drugs?

By Brinley-CNET ·
Microsoft head honcho, Steve Ballmer, says "I bet we can take Sony next generation."

For the full interview...

Does Ballmer have any connection to the real world anymore? I am a Nintendo man that recently made an Xbox purchase (Halo wasn't going to come to GC, so I came to it), and it broke my heart. So I concede that Xbox may succeed in knocking off a struggling Nintendo game console. But Sony PS? Come on!!

In closing, I must say... "Developers, developers, developers, developers, devlopers, etc. :)

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MS has the dollars behind it...

by Sullyman In reply to Xbox taking down Playstat ...

As much as it pains me to say it, being a avid gamer for too long ( NES and SONY only ) . I think that it is quite possible that X-BOX will eventually take over as the #1 console system. MS has the financial and marketing resources to be able to bully developers into developing top titles exclusively for X-BOX. They can offer the developers multiple platforms of exclusivity, and the kicker will be if they don;t play ball they won;t have access to the X-BOX live servers for their game.

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In the U.S. only - maybe...

by Brinley-CNET In reply to MS has the dollars behind ...

Yeah, history proves that you either go along with the lumbering Microsoft hulk or you get trampled. As a lyric to a Wu-Tang song that I'm listening to just now said, "Ya'll been warned/ You either step or get stepped upon."

I *might* agree with your logic if we were talking about the U.S. only - versus worldwide sales, particularly Japan. I think that Sony and Nintendo will always reign high in Japan. Based on recent sales figures...

It seems like Xbox will have a tougher time getting its footing in the land of the rising sun.

I'm U.S.-based and don't really have a good feel for what is hot and not in other countries. Anybody care to jump in and enlighten?

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