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XP and its relation to tech republic

By Dragon Katie ·
i love how tech republic has not spoken out against XP (we have they havent) all the new xp ads on the site?

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Money Talks

by eBob In reply to XP and its relation to te ...

And there's very little room for editorial content in sourcing advertising. You too could buy the advertising space for whatever you want.

I'm certainly no fan of MicroSloth (ask one who knows), but in the case of the banner ads plastered all around us here in TR (for "OFFICE" XP), we should know that these are not editorials by TR supporting OFFICE XP, they're just advertisements from "our dear friends in Redmond".

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Big rollout and discussions

by generalist In reply to XP and its relation to te ...

It is marketing blitz time and every form of media is innundated with XP advertising and/or propaganda. (Attend one of their roll out meetings and get free software! (But I already have what they're offering, more or less...))

Personally I findthe discussions about XP and the licensing details to be a sign that TechRepublic isn't a "minion of Microsoft". I also suspect that there are a number of MS employees who look for such things and report the flak to the proper levels of MS. (Hi MS! Now that I have your attention, could you please fix...)

Of course, there is always the "favorite vendor" factor to consider. It you have a vendor whose products you like a lot, they can't do too much wrong.

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The other stuff talks, too

by epepke In reply to Big rollout and discussio ...

First off, lest this be considered kvetching against TechRepublic, let me say that I think TechRepublic is great.

However, TechRepublic is in the business of making money, and so is Gartner, who owns them (the last time I looked). Though it is depressing, most of this involves the other stuff, the stuff that is normally said to walk.

In nicer words, money is made primarily off of the *mythology* of IT, with the substance a distant second. When Microsoft says that XP is going to solve all the usability problems, or that the registration scheme won't inconvenience anyone who isn't a pirate, or that .NET will support a bunch of languages simultaneously, we all KNOW that before it happens some very hot places will become very cold.

None of this, however, matters AT ALL except to a few odd craftsmen and artisans. What matters is the mythology and the social games it provides. This is purely based on belief and practical psychology.

In other words, the promises by Microsoft (or whoever) matter far more than whether they have any basis in fact. Games, however, only work as long as everybody pretends they aren't games.

I don't see how TechRepublic could afford to come across as puncturing the balloon. Instead, they do what they can, which is to provide a forum. I have seen cases where TechRepublic surveys have gotten into the legitimate press.

Infuriating us is really good reverse psychology to build up the head of steam. They can report it, but they can legitimately say "Hey, it's not us; it's our members."

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Bandwagon for change

by Gatherer In reply to The other stuff talks, to ...

Jump on, enjoy the ride!

Short OS lifecycles generate revenues for the producer, but draw more attention to the product brand and less to business problem solving. The arrogance of brand promotion is getting in the way of my need to build a consistent, growing business foundation. I want to grow a business with a solid infrastructure and changing operating systems every 2 or 3 years is quite irritating. When does it stop?

Software is not food to be consumed on a regular basis. I suggest folks burn as many CDs with current software and OS's and hunker down - slow the change enough to synchronize with the brick-n-mortar growth cycle. I vote with my dollar, and by buying more software, I become the producer?s slave. Eventually, ifthe producers use this against the buyers, relationships will be of the need-hate variety. I believe the species is alive and populating. It appears that OS producers have taken the same tact as the oil companies ? ugly benevolence.

We've become addicted to the "new software" syndrome and want to buy more bells and whistles to satisfy the desire to have more. The software factories and 5th avenue know how to prick desire and fuel hunger. We chow down without a thought of what we are eating or where we are going. Mesmerized by this ability to get a glowing object to someone faster, we have been seduced, distracted and deceived by the new, improved world just around the corner - "Rental-Software," "Leased-Software." Why own if you can be "automatically" upgraded through your new lease program? My desire is to decrease additional expenses by growing a business that works, not accruing more system expenses payable by monthly/annual rates.

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Digging in and disarmament

by generalist In reply to Bandwagon for change

I like your idea of buying as many copies of an OS and software as possible and digging in. While I'm not against change, I dislike being forced into it by what I call the 'latest and greatest syndrome'.

When you think about it, the 'latest and greatest syndrome' is kind of like the military buildup associated with the Cold War. If YOU upgrade, then I am threatened so I have to upgrade. If I upgrade, then you are threatened so you have to upgrade.

Perhaps we should consider disarmamenttalks so that the weapons makers lose part of their market? It could be done if groups of organizations and individuals would agree to standards and stick to them.

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XP is so cool.

by admin In reply to XP and its relation to te ...

I just can't wait until every home users box has the ability to spoof ip's.....
.. Yeah, Right.

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As if its hard to do now?

by TomSal In reply to XP is so cool.

What's the point of your post? Spoofing IPs is not that difficult on any Windows system..I fail to see your point.

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by admin In reply to As if its hard to do now?

and I am honestly totally curious.... how do you do it on a 9x box?

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(cont.) of course, 2k already has

by admin In reply to Really...

IP_HDRINCL, but I am wondering about 9x boxes.

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And, on the topic of advertising..

by admin In reply to XP and its relation to te ...

I haven't noticed any "anti-hacker" ad banners here for a while. If this was intentional, a BIG thank-you! to Tech Republic! I appreciate having a professional forum without this mis-guided bias.


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