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So I recently went from XP pro. to Xp Home Edition its all set-up, but it says i have 30days to enter the product key. So, heres the thing when i go to enter the product key in the text feild it wont let me type the letter "N". So i cant complete my product key. yes i have tried multiple key boards and it just wont let me do it. CAN SOMEONE PLAESE HELP ME??

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Without the product key, you can't install XP. Activation doesn't use PID.

by ManiacMan In reply to XP Home Edition Product K ...

What you have 30 days to do is activate XP over the web or use the telephone method to do it. You don't need the product key because you've already input it in when you installed the product on your hard drive. What I believe you're trying to input is not the product key, but a code that a Microsoft Licensing Rep would provide to you after you call them and provide them with the code generated by the activation by phone feature, thus explaining why it won't accept the N key, as the code they provide is all numeric. You really don't have to activate by phone if your PC has internet access, as the activation is done automatically as soon as you're online.

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Product Key

by bdomek1951 In reply to Without the product key, ...

Wrong. I've had to do a total sysem recovery a few times on my desktop. I accidently put in the wrong product key once. If you don't activate your WinXP Home, you will not be able to use your computer. Been there, done that. So, you have to activate it with the Product key either via internet or telephone. No way around it.


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XP Home Edition Product Key

by bdomek1951 In reply to XP Home Edition Product K ...

Sounds like your keyboard has a malfunction. Try hooking up another keyboard.
Also, you can call Microsoft to activate the system. I've done that when I had to do a total system recovery.


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OK I'm assuming that you have had an OPK install of XP done here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to XP Home Edition Product K ...

You need to get the product Key off the Sticker supplied by M$ called a COA.

If you are unable to enter the correct Product Key go straight back to the person who either supplied the computer or installed the OS. It is a problem with the way that the OS was installed and only the person/company who did it can fix it up.


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