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XP regedit when logon to NT4

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I have 50 WinXP clients who logon to a NT4 PDC. I need to edit the registry of all XP users, and thought that doing that via a login script would be ideal...if it worked!
On the NT box I have gone into user mananger and input the path to the login directory \\MYSERVER\NETLOGIN\ for each user. Then in that directory I have 1 batch file that runs a programme to audit PCs software: AUDIT.BAT
This runs perfectly on XP login without the user knowing, however- I added the following to the batch file but it does not work-
regedit /s \\P200-3\netlogon\legal.reg
This should call a reg file (below) which is also in the NETLOGON directory, that edits the registry on the XP PC on logon as follows:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]
"LegalNoticeCaption"="BLAH BLAH BLAH Important Notice!"
"LegalNoticeText"="This is a private computer system on a private computer network. ALL
access is logged and monitored - you should not log on if you object to
this policy. Unauthorized users are not allowed, and any attempt to
enter the network or this system without permission could result in civil
and criminal liabilities.
Please select a unique password and do not relay it to anyone"

If I run the reg file on the box itself it works a treat but for some reason it seems it canot find the file on the NT or the actual regedit is wrong for XP...
Any help appreciated & thanx for your time.

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