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Yahoo email and Firefox

By foringmar ·
I have been forced to seek another email provider than Yahoo.
Reason: I cannot send any mail from the Yahoo email system, while using the Firefox browser.
I can send with Internet Explorer, but since that browser is so insecure that even the Finnish Government's agency for communications urge people not to use it, I feel have to stop using Yahoo webmail.
Anybody else having any problems sending mail from Yahoo webmail with Firefox?

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Not here

by TheChas In reply to Yahoo email and Firefox

I have been using both Firefox and Mozilla with my Yahoo account for over a year with no problems.

That said, I often can't send mail with my Netscape mail account. I don't know if this is a browser or Netscape issue. The error message is a bit cryptic.

I assume that you have checked your security and cookie settings. Yahoo does like to have it's cookie enabled.

Another possibility is one of the hidden user preferences.
In the Firefox address type in


That will give you a full listing of the user settings. Perhaps one of the settings will trigger a revelation.

I do have a large number of Firefox extensions installed. One of those might be helping my system.


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Works fine for me

by gralfus In reply to Yahoo email and Firefox

I just ran a test of it and it worked fine. Are you getting a particular error, or does it just never show up?

You might search in the Firefox support forum, or post there to get more specific advice.

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No Yahoo Mail

by westerntc In reply to Yahoo email and Firefox

I just tried sending mail via Firefox/yahoo with no problem. I made yahoo my home page on Firefox. Then just logged onto my yahoo. Everthing is the same as on IE/Yahoo. Try it.

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I have the same problem

by cmoooo2002 In reply to Yahoo email and Firefox

I can not send out any reply s i can not forward or compose from Firefox. This just suddenly happened.

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Shud not be

by jinteik In reply to I have the same problem

Maybe try installing IE Tab for Firefox?

I have been using firefox since last time (ver 1.5) till today and i don't have the problem that you are facing

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Firefox and Yahoo web mail works for me

by TechExec2 In reply to Yahoo email and Firefox

Firefox and Yahoo web mail works for me just fine.

Describe the problem that you are having. At what point is the failure occurring? Do you have Javascript and cookies enabled? What Firefox extensions do you have running?

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Yahoo email and Firefox

by fclooi In reply to Yahoo email and Firefox

Are you connecting via proxy? If you are check your connection setting in the Network tab of the Advanced menu. Choose "Manual proxy conenction" enter your proxy IP and also choose "Use this proxy for all protocol".

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