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YAY ! A new Trailer Park Boys season!

By Oz_Media ·
Don't know if it is broadcast in The States or not, but Trailer Park Boys FINALLY have a new season. I suppose you can get it on DVD, but I don't know anyone that would actually pay to own a copy! There's ONE show you may wan to download from a P2P service, lol.

Pretty stupid show, just pot, booze, women and lots of swearing but it's like a bad car accident, you just can't stop from watching it once you have a look.

It's been really bad seeing the same half a dozen eposiodes for months on end, but FINALLY a new TPB season is upon us.

Of course Ricky, Julian, and now Bubbles too, once again start a new season by getting out of jail, this time taking a limo to their dealers house.

Sound off if you watch it, come out of the closet and admit it. For such a STUPID show I can't believe I'm hooked, as are many other people who also agree it's got to be the most stupid show on TV, but there's something about it, maybe because I've met so many people like that or something.

Oh well, it's good for a Sunday night laugh anyway.

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by Jaqui In reply to YAY ! A new Trailer Park ...

those guys are a perfect example of why the rest of the country makes fun of maritimers.

drunk, stoned, in trouble with the laws constantly, shooting each other with bow and arrows.

I'm suprised they haven't completely destroyed the trailer park.

just leave bubbles' cats alone.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Oz,

Try Canadians, but at least they are cose to reality. They seem to have given up on the bows and arrows now, they both have new 45's.

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by Jaqui In reply to Maritimers

the trailer park boys have 45's!!
if you are within range your life is in danger!!!
move west if you live in the maritimes!!!

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What's funny

by Oz_Media In reply to RUN!!!!

Is that people in the maritimes are actually th enicest Canadians I have ever met. TPB certainly doesn't represent teh Maritimes, just silly drunk and stoned losers.

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yeah I know,

by Jaqui In reply to What's funny

I have some real good friends from the maritimes provinces.
they are as odd as tpb, but not as criminal.

and most maritimers I know would be the first to laugh at a maritimer joke. ( specially when it's not told to be insulting to maritimers in general )

I'll have to post the best maritimer joke I've heard one friday yuk.

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Season 5

by carbonated_turtle In reply to YAY ! A new Trailer Park ...

Are you kidding me??? You guys only got the second season this year? The fifth season just ended here in Canada a couple weeks ago. If you're into the show at all, download some of the later episodes, they get a **** load better.

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Funny picture of Ricky lookalike

by Oz_Media In reply to Season 5

The other day I was looking through some pics of users on a torrent sites heavy metal fan pics section, based in Russia (DAMN I WANT ME A MAIL ORDER BRIDE NOW!!! TALK ABOUT HOT WOMEN!! Green eyes and long dark hair, blonde with sultry baby blue eyes, you name it they have it!) guy, I think posting from Texas,looked identical to Ricky. I HAD to tell him, I should see if I can find his pic and lik to it, hilarious if you watch TPB's.

I'll post an edit to this if I find it.

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