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Yeah, he probably shouldn't have said it,

By TonytheTiger ·
but it sure was funny!

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See I don't see anything even close to funny in that

by JamesRL In reply to Yeah, he probably shouldn ...

Lets apply the reverse golden rule.

If someone had said that about Bush (insert your preferred poltician here) would you have found it funny?

You know I watched the end of a Bill Maher show the other day and they had Barney Frank on, talking about the middle east and thought wow, for the first time I understand why he gets voted in. If I only went by the Barny Frank of the bad jokes, I'd have trouble understanding how he gets elected. But here was a guy who was knowledgable, reasoned and articulate on the issues in the middle east.

I'm all for going after politicians when they say something stupid, or worse support bad legislation. But if we tell jokes about killing politicians, don't be suprised if no one ends up supporting any politicians ever. And then fewer people involve themselves in the political process and the system devolves from there.

For the record, I don't find AIDS jokes or Columbine jokes or 9/11 jokes funny either.


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I agree with you, James. However. . . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to See I don't see anything ...

.... a very accurate point could have been made. Instead of offering a blanket apology, he could have said something like this.

You know, political passions oftentimes run high, and people say things that are probably, in hindsight, ill advisable. But I won't apologize until Wanda Sykes apologizes to Rush Limbaugh.....

...... as well as an apology from President Obama, who seemed to approve of the death-wish, and every person who flung insults and death-wishes at President Bush apologizes to him. I'm tired of the double-standard where insults and similar ill-advised comments generated from the left are deemed more appropriate, and seldom result in similar outrage.

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random outrage

by jdclyde In reply to I agree with you, James. ...

It does seem odd to reasonable, intellectually honest people, how one is acceptable while the other is just fine and dandy.

I laughed everytime I see some retard with a sign saying "Will someone please give Bush a blowjob so we can get him out of office?". They are to stupid to realize that yes, Clinton was first of all, impeached for perjury (not because he got a blowjob) and second he was never removed from office.

All you hear from the left is hate, all the while talking about how hateful the right is....... Interesting.....

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by cupcake In reply to random outrage

And I find it interesting that all I read from the right is hate, all the while talking about how hateful the left is.

And there you go again with the generalization of "they" (democrats) being too stupid... and anyone who opposed Bush being a "retard", but heaven forbid if its the other way around.

Yeah, very interesting...

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All you hear from the right is hate?

by maxwell edison In reply to JD, JD, JD

Give us some examples - some direct quotes, if you would?

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I was going to ask the same thing

by jdclyde In reply to All you hear from the rig ...

but only expect to hear the crickets chirp....

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Let's for a moment consider ONLY the Hollywood types

by maxwell edison In reply to I was going to ask the sa ...

Their nonsense always makes the news, doesn't it? And they're always spewing it on the talk-shows. The hate-talk coming from those people is painfully obvious, but it's ONLY the left-leaning Hollywood types.

I challenge anyone to find any similar comments from the right-leaning Hollywood-types: Kelsey Grammar, Tom Selleck, Bruce Willis, Adam Sandler, Chuck Norris, Bo Derrick, Drew Carey, Pat Sajak, James Woods, Clint Eastwood, et al.

Look at the hate-speech directed AT the late Charlton Hesston, yet not a single personal attack came from him - he discussed IDEAS. They ALL (right-leaning) talk ideas, while it's their leftist counterparts who make the outrageous and hateful personal attacks and comments. The right-leaning Hollywood types are obviously more dignified.

The closest they might be able to cite is Dennis Miller, but even his is not hate, per se, but rather more pointed.

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An actor who has played George Wallace and Harry Truman

by JamesRL In reply to I was going to ask the sa ...

Gary Sinese. He seems to have a decent head on his shoulders.


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Let's compare these two:

by maxwell edison In reply to I was going to ask the sa ...
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I will but only after you do...

by cupcake In reply to I was going to ask the sa ...

Back to the old habit of making generalized statements but when they're made right back to you, you demand examples?

I took JD's statement word for word, only switching the location of the words "right" and "left"...

Guess I will go listen to the crickets chirping for a while...

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