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Yo..Happy Fathers Day To All.

By TomSal ·
It's something I thought about -- society seems to make a huge deal out of mothers on Mother's Day, but dads seem to get glossed over. Now I'm not a father (thank god!!! ..oh I mean ..what??) I'm an uncle a dozen times over since I was about 10 and that's the closest I get to being a dad. lol.

However my dad is a great father and a helluva good guy so hey, in honor of the great dads --- HAPPY FRIGGIN' FATHERS DAY!!!


...If you are a crappy dad or an sob to your kids.....I hope you have some good moments of reflection on father's day and I hope the guilt of what you missed out on overwhelms you with pain. Hopefully this will force the beginning of change in you for the better. :)

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Thanks, Tom

by DMambo In reply to Yo..Happy Fathers Day To ...

At least for the top half of your post. :) First Father's day w/o my old man. Worst part of it for him is that he couldn't hang on long enough to see the Red Sox win. Missing him makes me be a better father to my kids. I just think WWJD (what would John Do). He was the Ward Cleaver of his generation.

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Sorry to hear...

by TomSal In reply to Thanks, Tom

..about the loss of your father. Like most of us, I have been through some crap in life that made me think "why doesn't anything go my way ever?!" but the one thing that I could always count on were my parents. They are awesome.

The day either of them are no longer around -- will be the worse day of my life. I don't much fear my own death, but I'm terrified at the thought of those I care about dying.

So - my sympathies are with you DMambo -- embrace the good memories you had with your dad and throw out the rest...then enjoy your kids!

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Thank You, But...

by DMambo In reply to Sorry to hear...

no sympathy needed, although your kind words are much appreciated. I celebrate his life and all he gave to us. My mother went about 3 months later. After 55 years together, she didn't know what to do without him. They wouldn't have wanted anyone to mourn them, but I sure do think about them a lot.

I have a running joke with a friend who also lost his parents recently. When either of us asks the other how the folks are, the answer is always "Still dead".

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Thanks, and a Wonderful Fathers day to all other fathers

by jdclyde In reply to Yo..Happy Fathers Day To ...

Thanks, and a Wonderful Fathers day to all other fathers!

Yes, the women will get all worked up if mothers day, Valentines day, or that cussed Sweetests day get passed by, but it seems like Fathers day is just no big deal.

Is this because traditionally with the Father off working all day and the Mother staying home bonding and raising the family fathers were never as close to their kids as the mother? This is back in the time of "Men where Men" and "men don't cry". Is that where the difference is?

But with things being very different today where the mother is also persuing a work life, either because they need the second income or for her personal fulfilment, men are starting to get more of an even footing in the house?

Either way, it is time to stand up and claim the day! Golf all around! (as long as it doesn't rain)

A couple ideas off my "150 Ways to show kids you care" poster in my office.

Applaud their successes
Support them
Thank them
Let them make mistakes
Introduce them to new experiences
Expect their best, not perfection
Empower them to help and be themselves
Love them, no matter what

Excellent post Tom!

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by antuck In reply to Thanks, and a Wonderful F ...

I think that has a lot to with it. They sell more BS on the womens days then for fathers day. Men don't get all uptight if they don't get a card or roses on Fathers day. Although missing a round of golf could cause some agravation. But miss a card on one of the days for women and holy heck runs rampit. I think you have a valid point about maybe it isn't made a big deal because men are not suppose to cry. Just deal with things. Although, having it rain hard on a golf day can get me misty but that is a different story.

I'm not a father but an uncle. I cherish spending time with the kids. I am very happy to spend time with my Dad. I even sent him a Fathers day card already. I hate to think of the day he is not there anymore. Being a Father is no easier a task then being a Mother. So both should be honored!!

Happy Fathers Day!

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Oh yeah!

by Oz_Media In reply to Yo..Happy Fathers Day To ...

Geez I should hit teh kid up for some swag!

Actually we don't celebrate Fathers Day beyond a call and a chat. I told my kid to just make the best of his life and not worry about the one day a year he's supposed to be a good son. I get fathers dayy all the time and that extra day just doesn't do anything for me.

My OWN father, we haven't seen each other or spoken in about 20 years so that's a no go too for me.

But happy PA's day to all you guys who deserve a day of grace!

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bah humbug

by jck In reply to Yo..Happy Fathers Day To ...

When they gonna have bachelor's day?

I'm being discriminated against!!! DAMMIT!

gimme a beer...been a bad day...

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Not Beer, Uzzo!

by jdclyde In reply to bah humbug

It is Greek Festival tongiht! Woo Hoo! UpAH!

Lots of greek food, dring and dance. a good drunk had by all!

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bah humbug

by jck In reply to Not Beer, Uzzo!

I think I'm going to get trashed tonite...

been a totally bad day, and I have to cheer up before actual father's day

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Happy Dad's day!

by Jessie In reply to Yo..Happy Fathers Day To ...

My Dad... can be a schmuck sometimes, mostly because he lets himself get led around by the nose by whoever he thinks he's in love with at the moment... but he's a mostly decent human, and a good Grandpa (when he sees the kids).

As for hubby, well, he's not MY dad, so why should I get him anything? LOL! Actually, I ordered his Dad's day present a few days ago... he won't be here this weekend though, so when he gets them on Monday or Tuesday, he'd BETTER be happy!!!

The daycare always has the kids do something special for Mom's or Dad's days. THOSE are the things I look forward to!!

I hope all you good dad's have a GREAT day!

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