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You know your middle aged when you're

By gbrownlee ·
Too young for elastic pants, too old for black leather.
Too young for assisted living, too old for living on the edge.
Too young for tired blood, but old enough to be just plain tired.
Too young to think about retirement, too old not to.
Too old to learn new tricks, yet too young for the same old thing.
Young enough for road rage, but too old for road lust.
Old enough to forget what you did during the sexual revolution, young enough to wish you could remember.
Living the wonder years, like I wonder where my car keys are.

Middle age, when attention deficit is no longer a disorder.
Middle age, those marvelous years before the onset of myopia and death.

A little humor to start the week with.
Have an ordinary day.

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When you have been in IT longer than Bill Gates

by sanhan In reply to You know your middle aged ...

You know you are middle aged when you tell the
youngsters about:
SLIDE RULES & no calculators
When there were no PC's
When you could only get one compile a day
When you had to cajole the department secretary
into typing your documentation so you
wouldn't have to print it in a data file on
When you know what a card reader is and how it
works - let alone admitting that you have
used them
When you can tell stories of the state transmitting data at 200 BAUD to out state regions!!!

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by maecuff In reply to When you have been in IT ...

When you endure your son's (age 16) laughter when explaining an 8 track tape player. "No..really, it worked how??"

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by GuruOfDos In reply to also..

You know you are middle aged when you have the electronics skills to REPAIR said 8-track player!

A friend of mine used to sign me in to an exclusive members-only club on a regular basis. After the pubs closed (11pm in the UK) and we'd had a bite to eat, we'd often fancy a beer or three and a bit of a boogie and meet young ladies (we were both young, free and single back then). He was a member of this particular club and used to sign me in as a guest, which used to cost ?5 ($ a time. Membership of the club cost something like ?40 a year so we figured this would pay for itself in a couple of months.

I asked to join, and they asked my age..."18", I told them.

" need to be twenty-one", they told me. So, for the next two and a half years, Mike kept signing me in as a guest. When I hit 21, I asked for a membership form.

"How old?", they asked. "21", I replied.

"Ah...we changed out age have to be 25 to join now. We had a problem with 'younger members' behaviour!"

Ah well.....4 years later...

"Right! I'm twenty five now....can I join?"

"Oh yes are more than welcome. Membership costs ?75 a year with a one off joining fee of ?200."

"Hmmmm.....gone up a bit I see...."

"Ah, but as you are now 25, you can be signed in as a guest for free!".

That'll be a concession for 'seniors' then?!!!

Well, as a married man with a small baby in tow, I just don't have the energy or the inclination anymore, and pushing 40 means that the dancing trousers have long since been relegated to the back of the closet!!! Just as well because when you're in a bar and hear a song on the jukebox that gets the 'kids' going....I'm old enough to remember the original version!!!

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But what makes it even worse

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Smile

Is that you would in all probability think that the "Original" song was better anyway!

Now an I right?


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yes, and

by maecuff In reply to But what makes it even wo ...

my kids notice 'my' music as commercials. I was listening to Iggy Pop the other day and my step daughter (1 said, "Hey, that's the cruise line commercial."

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by Oz_Media In reply to yes, and

You are SO right, how funny. There's so many old tunes that have been redone over the years and attributed to snoop dog, or britney spears etc.

Commercials are actually a big focus of older band revenues, as well as video games are a great way to launch NEW band tracks.

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Iggy Pop!!! He used to be Iggy and the Stooges

by sanhan In reply to yes, and

I used to go down to see Iggy & the Stooges in the Bursley Hall dining room at the University of Michigan on Friday nights (at least a few times)in 1969-70- often aften a evening of studying chemistry, calc and German - I remember Iggy writing around and I felt the same way. Except I wasn't on whatever he was on!!! Amazing I thought I was the only IT person in the world who liked PUNK and Altenative

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my son's name

by maecuff In reply to Iggy Pop!!! He used to be ...

is Joey Ramone.. my kids make fun of me for listening to out of date music.. The Clash, Ramones, Velvet Underground, New York Dolls.. etc.

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Well you'll most likely get a laugh from this one

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Iggy Pop!!! He used to be ...

Late one night when over here the ABC had their "music" program on called Rage I was walking past and heard the presenter raving on about a new band that he had discovered now bear in mind this was in the mid to late 90's and he was calling them "Slade." Well my first reaction was that someone else has started up and was using the old "Slade" name probably to get a bit of free publicity or something similar and then the music clip started and low and behold it was Slade from all those years ago but this guy had just "Discovered" them. I guess it only goes to show you how little these guys actually know about what they are talking about.

Or if you want to feel really past it think on this one, a teenage girl came up to me at a meeting somewhere and asked me if I knew that Paul Mc Cathy was in a band before he was in "Wings." Well I just looked a bit baffled until I realized she meant the Beatles. So I suppose its all in the way you look at things as I would never have considered putting it that way to me Mc Cathy was in Wings a long time after the Beatles broke up but to this young girl who obviously first heard of him when he was in Wings could only think that he must have been in a flee bit band prior to making himself famous with Wings.


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by dnftechsupt In reply to Iggy Pop!!! He used to be ...

Punk wasn't that around for like? 2 weeks back in the late 70's early eightees?
Guys with flower pots on their heads and such.
My youngest is now 4 and my oldest turns 35 in October so I definately relate.
My first music was on 78's then 45 then 33 (you know vynal) Then 8 track then cassette now finaly cd's and digital.
I was talking to my 25 year old wife the other day. We both like "oldies" from the 60's. I keep trying to explain to her that anyone that remembers the 60's probably was not realy there...
My first computer had vac in it's name and took up 4 city (new york) blocks.
All I remember where lots of switches and Tubes.
Anyone remember tubes???? You know; we used them in almost everything...

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