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You think you have nasty coworkers???

By JamesRL ·**3.NURSE13/TPStory/National

Nothing more needs to be said, except perhaps, here is the example of how it could always be worse....


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Hmmm, looks like another good

by Old Guy In reply to You think you have nasty ...

reason I go out to eat or eat by myself. Bipolar or not she should be incarcerated, at the very least, in a mental ward. Or, is this another "something else made me do it so I'm not to blame" thing? ;\

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I'm not a psychiatrist but

by JamesRL In reply to Hmmm, looks like another ...

Sounds like it to me.

Don't blame me I have a mental illness, conveniently undiagnosed until I was apprehended.

The devil made me......
drug my coworkers,
Steal their credit card information....
steal their urine samples....

Devil has been quite busy.

Edited to add: The defense councel argued for a suspended sentance. It hasn't been decided yet.


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Yes, but worse than that

by Old Guy In reply to I'm not a psychiatrist bu ...

if you remember a few years ago the kid that killed a younger kid here in the States and they said it was because of the Twinkies he ate. X-(

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Only because

by Tig2 In reply to Yes, but worse than that

That defense was successfful when Dan White murdered the (gay) Mayor of San Francisco and got away with it.

Interesting to note that Dan White could not be released in his city of origin...

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It just goes to show you..

by maecuff In reply to You think you have nasty ...

things can always be worse..

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by JamesRL In reply to You think you have nasty ...

The sentancing was announced yesterday. Two years of community service, no jail time. The judge thought she would get more help for her "disease" on the outside.


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Fat Chance

by Colonel Panijk In reply to Postscript

The judge is deluded.

Bipolar (manic-depressive) and schizophrenia are psychotic disorders. If they're not going to lock these people into a mental institution, they need to carefully monitor them to make sure they take their medications. These disorders are not curable (yet), but are treatable. The problem is that the disorder convinces its sufferers that either 1) they don't need these medications -- they're fine, after all, or 2) these medications are part of a plot to poison them. It's always that way, and they always quit taking their meds. These people need to be closely monitored, with random blood or urine tests to make sure they're actually taking the pills. If they fail to do so, lock 'em up for life before they kill someone. Violent psychotics should go straight to a high security ward.

I don't want to hear any whining from bleeding hearts about how "unfair and cruel" this is to mental patients. Psychotics are dangerous to everyone around them and must be prevented from harming themselves or others. If it can be successfully done at home or in a supervised living situation, fine. Otherwise, lock them up until they can be cured (no meds needed).

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Holy crap! Tom Cruise? Is that you???

by fungus-among-us In reply to Fat Chance

whine whine whine <<<< from a bleeding heart lib.

"It's always that way, and they always quit taking their meds. These people need to be closely monitored, with random blood or urine tests to make sure they're actually taking the pills. If they fail to do so, lock 'em up for life before they kill someone."

As a person who just married someone diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I have to disagree. Bipolars can lead productive lives, when properly diagnosed and treated. I'm not trying to make an excuse for this nurse, but if she wasn't diagnosed and treated, it's hard to hold her completely at fault. Working in the medical field, you'd think that SOMEONE... ANYONE would have noticed her behaviour.
Here's a small list of people who have admitted to being bipolar or are being treated for it.
Jane Pauly
Mariette Hartly
Martin lawrence
Ned Beatty
Patty Duke
Carrie Fisher
Linda Hamilton
Charlie Pride
Axl Rose
Margot Kidder
Ben Stiller
Buzz Aldrin

Her sentence was just... how can you blame someone for their actions when they have a mental illness? Now that the illness has been diagnosed, she can be held accountable for anything that happens from this point forward, assuming she gets proper treatment. I have more of a problem with the "temporary insanity" pleas that lawyers use as a defense these days... temporary... actually means... "it convienient to use at this time".

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innocent by reason of insanity lives

by jdclyde In reply to Postscript

It always sickens me to see people do something like this and then walk away.

The "poisoning" alone would have put her away for a long time in the US.

PLEASE at least tell me she permenetly lost her license?

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its not helping

by yana_l In reply to You think you have nasty ...

Hello I work in an office where our boss is on long service leave. The woman who has been left in charge is horrible! and everybody else in the office thinks so too. There is a very bad atmosphere and i have even started dreading coming to work. I have tried to approach her about it but she just threaghtened to make a complaint about me even though i approachedher very calmly and rationally and tried not to sound accusative. I'm at my breaking point i have been in tears twice with some of the things she has said. she treats everybody as though they are inferior to her and I always feel as though I have done something wrong. When i confronted her i asked her if there was anything that i had done wrong and she said no so i have written all her behaviour down to talk to our boss when she comes back. But I don't want to seem as though I'm complaining. I have even thought about quitting! what should I do do you have any ideas?

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