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You want your email? Pay up, says AOL/Yahoo

By TracyF ·
I read about this a few days ago & apparently, it's really getting a LOT of press now. I suppose the best way to effectively deal with this is to stop using AOL & Yahoo. Close your account & leave them. Or perhaps, threaten to do so if they attempt to implement this "plan". My God, people are greedy buggers...

From Lockergnome:

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by BFilmFan In reply to You want your email? Pay ...

Gmail will become even more popular as they will steal tons of business from Yahoo and AOL.

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Joke ?

by highlander718 In reply to Gmail

I don't see anything related to Yahoo in that article, I don't know much about how AOL works or what were their conditions to start with.

I would think it unnacceptable for yahoo to suddenly ask fees for their services, as far as I'm concerned their success is caused mainly by their free services, lots of users = lots of interested advertisers.

As for Gmail, who would stop the creators of that to ask for fees in a few years ?

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by TonytheTiger In reply to Joke ?

I see no problem with charging to send mail.

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No problems ... if

by highlander718 In reply to personally

Of course. As long as they say that upfront. In my example I am with yahoo for about 10 years, I carried that personal account wherever I was, Europe, North America, I have e-mail archives in there (of course, personal, nothing that would bring a business down) but still, it would be a pain to transfer those, to go through them, to notify everyone I ever knew of an e-mail change, to track all the sites I subscribed to with that e-mail addr. ...etc.

I just don't think it is fair to ofer something, get people used to it, like it and than ask for money (again, I think Yahoo is making lots of bucks exactly because it has so many users)

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Adunlap, I dno't have a problem charging

by jdclyde In reply to personally

I just have a problem PAYING!

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