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Your Mother was Right!!!!!

By Jaqui ·
Candy is bad for you!!

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I know

by Jaqui In reply to Your Mother was Right!!!! ...

a bit callous, but that was the first thought through my head when I saw the headline.

it sucks that a suicide bomber would strike at activities like this, but when they see an invader in their country, they act as would you or I in attacking the enemy. We might [ stress might ] not bomb our own countrymen, but if there is no way to avoid killing some, then we just might bomb them as well.
[ they are traitors, consorting with the enemy ]

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The only problem with

by Old Guy In reply to I know

all of this (the cries to "bring the troops home") is they (Taliban/AlQueda) won't stop. They have been bringing it to the other countries. Case in point are the ones that Canada stopped and arrested a couple of months ago, the attempt to bomb the planes from Britan last month, the WTC here, all the other bombings and killings that have been done in our countries (underline ies). And, this bull hockey about it's payback for us being there in the first place is nothing but bull hockey. They finally spelled it out this week in wanting to conquer the world and kill all the Christians.

It is truly a shame and disgusting that those Canadians were killed while trying to make things better, specifically for children. But, at this point I don't think it has anything to do with us fighting them in Iraq. It has everything to do with them (the taliban and al-queda) wanting to kill us just because we're not one of them. They have been killing each other for thousands of years just because they are a different sect of muslim/arab/iranian, etc. They look the same, they have the same blood for crying out loud.

Edited to add: No, this is not a racial slur towards Muslims. They don't all look the same. However, most Arabs have similar features the same as most other countries have similar features.

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different sect of

by Jaqui In reply to The only problem with

Judaism, since Islam, Judaism and Christianity are all founded on the same "Old Testament" book.

The extremists, of any stripe, are excellent reasons for genetic cleaning.

I wasn't commenting on the whys of being over there, or the rightness / justness or not of being there.
just on the simple fact that anyone of us would be willing to attack an invader in our own countries, so we should expect such attacks when we can be seen as invaders. [ rightly or wrongly seen as invaders isn't the point ]

I assume that most, if not all, would try to only target enemies in such an attack. We should have learned in Vietnam though, a geurilla / terrorist war even civilians are valid targets for the geurilla / terrorist, and not be shocked or suprised by any such attack.

my last line in the previous post is the rationalization that was used in WWII for some acts carried out by resistance groups in support of allied objectives, they are traitors / collaborating with the enemy, when some people being injured in the attack are one's own countrymen.

these are well documented practices in war where you don't have the military might to have a standing army battle the enemy. You use the hit and run tactics that slowly bleeds the enemy.

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Jaqui, I really wasn't

by Old Guy In reply to different sect of

directing my post at you but at the news story. Especially in regards to those in politics that keep saying bring the troops home. Yes, I would love for all of our troops to come home and never be in harm's way but that's just not going to be possible. The report and the Discussion papal quotations just reiterated to me that not only will we not be safe in our own countries but that the terrorists are ****-bent on destroying anyone who is not their own.

Again, I wasn't directing at you just the article.

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by Jaqui In reply to Jaqui, I really wasn't

then I misread your post.

but I stand by what I posted myself
I can see people from either of our countries doing exactly the same thing if we had been invaded.

and as I pointed out to jd, people like Timothy Mcveigh would be doing it even if the majority wouldn't.
with 300 million people [ roughly ] in the US, even 1% of them is 1 million suicide bombers / terrorists / geurilla freedom fighters.
[ which depends on how you want to define them, so viewpoint of the person making the commentary for the news services ]

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I agree there would

by Old Guy In reply to ok

be collateral damage and loss of life of probably children if another country invaded us but I don't think Americans, Canadians, nor the British would deliberatly send the children with bombs to kill the enemy such as the taliban does.

My thoughts on the Timothy McVeigh,

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unfortunately that seems true

by Tink! In reply to The only problem with

The Taliban are displaying another case of extreme prejudice. Them vs. everyone else.

Our world will never be in total harmony because the different races/cultures will continually collide. There is no way to make everybody view things from the same perspective, nor would we want to. Makes for a very boring world if we did.

A world in total peace and harmony is as out of balance as a world completely at war. So as long as there is life, there will be war as well as peace.


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An Army sargent in ROTC

by Old Guy In reply to unfortunately that seems ...

when I was in high school told us that as long as there are two people left on the face of this planet there will be a conflict of some type. That is us. However, we have to try to do the right thing. You know the Crusades were basically the same thing that the Muslims are doing now and we finally got out of that. I guess this is why the Muslims are trying to take their turn at it.

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No, we would not

by jdclyde In reply to I know

We would not bomb our own children just to kill some enemy soldiers.

You give animals like that too much credit.

It is times like this I hope the Christians have it right about it being a straight ticket to **** if you commit suicide. Killing the children at the same time should just let you cut in line.

And then people wonder why the wrong person could at some time be shot like the car that ran the road block about a year ago. Yeah, that was a surprise.

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one name rebuttal

by Jaqui In reply to No, we would not

Timothy Mcveigh

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