10 browser extensions to keep you safe on the web

​You can never be too careful

It seems every time you hit F5 there's a new story about a massive corporate hack, a new ransomware outbreak, or the spread of dangerous new malware.

Unfortunately, you don't need to do much to compromise your security--even browsing sites deemed safe can lead to an infection from a compromised banner ad. If you feel like there's nothing you can do to stay safe you aren't alone, but you don't need to give up.

These 10 browser extensions can help add more than just peace of mind; they can step in where the average web browser fails and protect you from common threats.

Image: iStock/maurusone

By Brandon Vigliarolo

Brandon writes about apps and software for TechRepublic. He's an award-winning feature writer who previously worked as an IT professional and served as an MP in the US Army.