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10 mobile apps to make the most of what's left of summer vacation


A lot of travel app galleries feature apps that help you find a cheap flight, book a room, or get a cab. But what about apps that help you decide where to go, or plot out a road trip? How about finding unique places to see and eat once you've arrived at your destination? That's what we're covering today, starting with minube.

Can't decide where you want to go? Minube is designed to help with that. It can find locations nearby, by trip type, by duration, and even by common colors in photos. If you want--or need--to get out of town it's worth checking with minube to see what suits your desires.

You can get minube for free on iOS and Android.

Image: Minube

By Brandon Vigliarolo

Brandon writes about apps and software for TechRepublic. He's an award-winning feature writer who previously worked as an IT professional and served as an MP in the US Army.