10 must-have iPod Touch apps, according to Tricia Liebert


With so many useful and entertaining mobile apps available on the market, we thought we'd ask our editors, contributor writers, and members what apps they prefer above the rest.

In this particular gallery, Tricia Liebert (aka TiggerTwo) highlights her favorite Apple iPod Touch apps.

Tricia said, "I have never been a big fan of full-on word processors on my small device. Let's face it, I have aging eyes and tiny type is an anathema. Screens that I have to scroll all over don't make me a happy girl either. What I use is Note by Mobience.

"Note synchs with my mail and lets me do things like assign priority, turn the Note into an actual document - generally the Note is just an idea fragment - or move contact information into my contacts with a mouse click. For something that is really quite lightweight, Note is quite flexible (and it's free)."

By Sonja Thompson

Sonja Thompson started at TechRepublic in October 1999. She is a former Senior Editor at TechRepublic.