Back up Microsoft Exchange 2010 with Windows Server Backup

Exchange Management Console view of this database

No matter how small the Exchange implementation, the data needs to be backed up. Many Exchange shops (particularly smaller ones) have relied on the ubiquitous Windows Server Backup utility to protect their Exchange environments against disaster. Although there was a period of time when Exchange and Windows Server Backup didn't work together, with Windows Server 2008 R2 and Exchange 2010, this is not the case, and the backup and recovery of Exchange using this tool is a relatively simple process.

For the demonstration in this tutorial, I'll back up a single Exchange 2010 mailbox database that exists on a server named MAIL3. At Westminster College, we're currently in a pilot phase for an Exchange 2010 rollout, and we're using Windows Server Backup during this phase. Once we're in full production, we'll move to our normal enterprise backup application.

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How to use Windows Server Backup with Exchange 2010
This screen gives you a look at the Exchange Management Console view of this database. The other two databases you see reside on a different Exchange server.

All screenshots by Scott Lowe for TechRepublic.