Broadcast your next company meeting using Windows Media Encoder and Windows Media Server

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As more and more employees move to telecommuting it has become more of a challenge to get everyone together for something such as a company meeting. Luckily, technology has progressed to the point that you can now stream your company live over the Internet nearly hassle free. All you need is a PC equipped with a media capture card (such as a relatively inexpensive ATI All-In-Wonder) with Internet connectivity, and a Windows 2003 Server that is Internet accessible.

The first part of this project will take place on the capture PC. You will need to install the Windows Media Encoder 9 software. This software is free, and available from Microsoft. Once this is installed, and your capture card working you will need to set up your broadcast. The first step will be to open Windows Media Encoder, select New, and then choose Broadcast a live event.

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By Josh Hoskins

By Mark Kaelin

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