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Campaign 2016: These are the big tech companies powering the election

Top Election Tech Companies

The 2016 campaign is the most technologically sophisticated general election in the modern era. Two major tech trends--big data and social media--play a major rule inside both the Clinton and Trump campaigns, as well as local and regional down ticket races.

In modern campaigns, data informs everything from spending and resource allocation, to policy and communication strategy, to get-out-the-vote efforts. Information is aggregated from voter registration files, social media accounts, numerous federal agencies, and private data vendors.

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On the ground during the primaries, campaigns used data and social tools to hyper-target robocall scripts, and personalized direct mail. Grassroots door-knockers were able to better target neighborhoods, and canvassers had fresh scripts from which to read.

Automation is also emerging trend. It's not enough, campaign experts explain, for big data tools to simply be powerful. Today, everything from data mining utilities to mobile apps must be easy to use, and programmable. Campaign managers need to quickly build and run ad campaigns on broadcast and web media using mobile apps.

This is a list of the most interesting and influential election technology companies in the general election.

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